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Ep 12 – Indiana Jones Casting and ‘The Discovery’

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Indiana Jones Was Arrested In Upstate New York

INDYThis was Indy’s last crusade.

Indiana Z. Jones, 21, was arrested Sunday after a 100-mph car chase in Yates County in upstate New York.

According to the Elmira Star Gazette, the hot pursuit began in the Rushville, a small village on the county line.

Jones, driving a 2002 Audi A6, tried to flee a traffic stop.

The chase only lasted six minutes, ending about 12 miles away in the Town of Benton when the Yates County Sheriff’s Office threw down “stop sticks,” spiked devices that deflate tires.

yourreactiongifs indiana jones gif

This is one of those headlines that you read and think that the writer or the editor was just in particularly goofy mood when he wrote this story. Then you read the article and realize that 1. this guy REALLY did not want to get arrested and 2. this guy has one of the coolest names of all time. I also need to know what the Z stands for. Zoltan? Zeek? If it’s something as simple as Zack I’m going to so upset. You can’t be named Indiana Jones, engage the police is a 100mph chase and then have Zack as a middle name. It just doesn’t work.


Indiana Jones = Chris Pratt? What do you think?

It’s reboot city today! Looks like Chris Pratt got the jump on Bradley Cooper and beat him out to be the next Indiana Jones, which is……..AWESOME. Listen, I realize that we have yet to see Chris Pratt’s full range of acting chops, but for him to play Indy the only reference I need is Guardians of the Galaxy. Lets be real here, Peter Quill is basically an outer-space version of Dr. Jones (maybe a stretch). I think Chris will blend the funny with the action like he has been doing since Burt Macklin came on the scene.

I give it my “Seal of Approval”


Have Fun Trying To Sleep Tonight

Meet my friend Julius, the 16-foot albino burmese python.  Julius not only could break your legs in a heartbeat, but he can open doors to do so.  This is the stuff of nightmares, no wonder why Indy hates these guys.



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