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A Rare Saber-tooth Whale and the Dummy Pointing to it

Stejneger's Beaked Whale, Heather Doyle

A rare whale that has a dolphin-shaped head and saber-like teeth has been found dead on Los Angeles’ Venice Beach, even though it prefers frigid subarctic waters.

The roughly 15-foot-long female Stejneger’s beaked whale washed ashore Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Times reported. A truck hauled away the mammal, which was being examined at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum to determine how it died. –

I am all about cool and interesting nature things, so obviously I clicked this link as fast as my mouse could move. Page loads and I am immediately over the whole thing. You know why? This chick pointing at the whales dead body. Not that i’m upset or surprised the rare whale was dead, I knew that going in, but the fact that she has to point it out to me. Oh, you mean you’re not showing me the tow truck? You’re showing me the giant whale carcass on the back? Wow, mind blown.

Stick your finger somewhere else, lady.


***Update*** Twitter got upset I that i was hating on this lady.

Sorry I’m Not Sorry That #SorryImNotSorry is the Stupidest Saying in the History of the World

You know what makes you sound like an idiot? Saying or hashtagging “Sorry i’m not sorry”.  Let me let you in on a little secret: it’s not cute, it’s not trendy, It’s not funny, and it sure as hell isn’t clever. There is no redeeming quality to this saying. You know what happens when someone dials up this horrible phrase? Children all across the world drown themselves in fear of living in a future where people like YOU have any kind of power or influence.


There is no reason to apologize for being “not sorry”. That is just lunacy! Be sorry or don’t apologize. If you do both….



The “Gossip Center” Covering Taylor Swift News Like Morons


Taking some time off of their touring duties, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran rented some paddle boards and hit the high seas at Narragansett Bay in Westerly, Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon (July 28). -Gossip Center

Ok, Gossip Center, if you are going to report about one of our own local celebrities here in Rhode Island please remove your head from your collective asses.  Number one, Narragansett Bay is basically the entire Rhode Island, and some of Massachusetts, watershed. So saying you’re “AT” Narragansett Bay is a pretty vague statement.  Number two, Westerly is a RHODE ISLAND town that boarders Connecticut, and is nowhere near Massachusetts.


PS- I don’t know who Ed Sheeran is, but he would be the poster child of “People Who Look Awkward At The Beach” Magazine.

swift-072813- (3)

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