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Our Creepy Easter Bunny Gallery Is Here To Whisk You Away This Weekend

Easter is Sunday, and nothing says Easter like a human being dressing up like a bunny so small children can sit in their lap. In what I hope becomes a proud tradition here at Average Nobodies. I’ve compiled the creepiest Easter Bunny’s from around the internet and placed them here just in time for Jesus to rise from the dead or whatever the hell is supposed to happen Sunday. Happy Easter everybody!







– Ryan

Happy Presidents Day From the Greatest President of All Time


Best mutton chops of all time. With hair like that you better get shit done or you’ll be chased out of the White House with pitchforks and lanterns. Martin Van Buren is 1/44 of the reason we all have today off, but in our hearts he’s so much more.

– The Average Nobodies

Monsterblog Wednesday: Wildcard Thanksgiving Foods

When you think of Thanksgiving, one word should come to mind: FOOD. If food isn’t your first thought when the word Thanksgiving is spoken then you’re wrong and insane. While the turkey, mashed potatoes and brown gravy get all the credit on Thanksgiving, there are other key parts of the Thanksgiving meal process that frankly get no respect. The year is 2013, and the Average Nobodies are sick of turkeys hogging all the spotlight. That’s why we dedicated this week’s monster blog to the wildcard foods that we all eat on Thanksgiving, but unfortunately get zero credit.

Candied Yams

What’s better than regular yams? Pretty much anything, but that’s not the point. If marshmallows are involved then I’m on board. Simple as that. Marshmallows mix well with just about everything, but the sweet delicious food baby they make when melted over some yams is unmatchable. It doesn’t get any sneakier than a nice plate of candied yams on Thanksgiving afternoon.

– Ryan

Cranberry Sauce


Cranberry sauce, and no I’m not talking about the real kind; mixed up with nuts and real cranberries. No. The kind i’m talking about is the kind that has lines on it. Staright from the can in all its glory. NOt only do the lines add character to the sauce, but they are great for cutting. It’s like the cranberry sauce has a built-in ruler! No other food on the thanksgiving table doubles as a measurement tool. Game. Set. C-Sauce.


PS- Undercover delicious move – Put gravy on it. The mix of hot and cold is a mouth celebration


Four Day Work Week

Having a 5 day work week is absolutely horrendous. I’m realizing this a day after a long weekend as I’m sitting in a meeting not giving a bakers fuck what anyone is saying. I can see the look on everyone else’s face too. No one wants to be here. Now granted, yes this week we’ve only got 4 days til our sacred weekend is upon us, but I think we should make a permanent switch. 9 or 10 hour days? 4 days a week? Ill make that sacrifice.

I lived in China for 6 months and yeah I worked 5 days a week but the hours were the tits. 10-6 with a 2 hour lunch break?! It’s like Zeus himself created a working day in China.

Maybe I’m just bitter and selfish, but I just do not want the responsibility of working…for 5 days in a row.