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To Say This Woman Disliked Her Haircut Might Be The Understatement Of The Century

The video isn’t the clearest thing you’ll ever see, so I can’t tell how bad this woman’s haircut is, but this is what you call an overreaction. I understand this woman is clearly unhinged and she has a sledgehammer, but she clearly can barely swing it. There’s not anyone there who’s willing to just calmly go up to her and take the sledgehammer away? When she goes to hit one of the workers with it the worker just kind of puts her hands up and stops her and the lady almost falls over due to the weight of the sledgehammer. I guess when you think you’re going to have a relaxing evening getting your perm on the last thing you want to do is approach a lady with a sledgehammer. I can’t hate on that.


The Fact that Mark Davis Owns a Professional Football Team is Mind Boggling

If you’re an Oakland Raiders fan and you’ve ever wondered why your team has been so bad for so long then you really don’t need to look any further than Mark Davis. No self respecting man would ever walk around with that haircut. Ever. THIS is the guy in charge of making decisions for your franchise. All those bizarre head coaching changes make a lot more sense now. The Jamarcus Russell draft? Crystal clear. When you’ve got a haircut like that every decision you make needs to be questioned. Someone needs to hold a closed door meeting with Mark and force him to wear a hat whenever he’s in public. Only logical solution I can think of.

– Ryan

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