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Ken Block is Back and He Brought a 845HP AWD 1965 Mustang……swooon

If anyone questions whether or not Ken Block is my favorite racer (of any racing genre or class) watch this video and be cleared of all doubt. Gymkhana 7, like the other 6, is eye popping, heart racing, and blood pumping. Every time he releases one of these (about one a year) it outdoes the last. No exceptions here. Love the O.J. Bronco tribute.


PS- Not to mention he is racing my favorite car of all time.


Whatchu Know About Gymkhana?

Ken Block Gymkhana 5 San Francisco HQ Recut from André Zickerick on Vimeo.

Ok, so these videos have been around for a while now, but they are still awesome.  Ken Block is a mad scientist behind the wheel of his Ford Fiesta.  How much convincing at Mayor Taveras’s office would it take to let me do this in Providence? A man can dream.


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