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The Mark of a True Professional? Knee Some Kid in the Nuts and Keep Reporting

Textbook reporting here by Jim Cantore right here. College kids beware, if you run into Jim Cantore’s shot he’s going to go knee-to-dick, that’s a fact. Besides not flinching and finishing his report I have to give Jim some extra props because using your knee is some good old fashion fighting. No shovels, no scooters, just some good flesh to flesh battling. Did anyone go check on that kid? He might be passed out somewhere and slowly bleeding out from the inside.


Shia LaBeouf Films Girl Vomiting, Gets His Ass Kicked


‘Transformers’ star Shia LaBeouf was reportedly beaten up in London after he filmed a girl vomiting on the street with his camera phone, according to The Sun.

The report claims the actor, currently in the UK filming Brad Pitt’s WW2 film ‘Fury’, was on a night out with a pal in Leicester Square when he stumbled upon two women – Ash Nawaz and her sister Isis – feeling worse-for-wear on the pavement.

The star began filming them on his phone, and when the ladies told him to leave them alone a stranger intervened. When LaBeouf started filming him too, the man punched him in the face and kicked him in the groin.” – Yahoo Movies


I’m not sure what part of this story jumps out at me, the fact that Shia got kicked in the nads or that he was filming a girl vomiting. Let me start by saying that neither surprise me. But really, Louis Stevens? Filming a chick when she is at her lowest? How could you possibly rationalize this? Yeah, girls puking all other themselves and being sloppy disasters is hilarious, but keep it in the mental vault. No need to go all Spielberg on the situation, that’s a no-win scenario.


PS- Clean it up LaBeouf. This is just sloppy.


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