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Reason #7,000 To Love GoPro – Pole Vaulting With Allison Stokke

Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter who just so happens to be very easy on the eyes. She was also gracious enough to do a commercial with GoPro that took us through what its like to actually pole vault. After watching this video I’m sure of two things: Allison Stokke is gorgeous and I would be a terrible pole vaulter. As for GoPro, there’s a new reason to love them every day.

– Ryan

H/T NY Daily News

Changing the Wedding Videography Game

Ok, this is ingenious. Probably the most game changing use of a video camera since Ray Jay decided to become a director…ZING. But seriously, find a better way to capture the essence of a wedding than sticking a camera in your face as you drink straight from a bottle of fireball whiskey. It cannot be done. The video is gold on its own, never mind using the perfect song with it. Mad kudos to whoever thought this up.


Jet Skis Through a Canyon Looks Like Incredible Fun

100% sure I would have put that ket ski into the wall 10 seconds in but it still looks like a lot of fun. These GoPro videos are pretty sweet. Anyone have any favorites? or some of your own? comment below.

The Best Selfies Ever Recorded


Thanks to GoPro for the video.


If Superman Had a GoPro Camera

Uses for GoPros seem endless. Just when I thought it couldn’t be used in an original manner, the people at CorridorDigital do this! So awesome. So inventive. So tech.


I Want to Wrestle With Lions Right NOW!

Where is the nearest place I can get a lion? From what I hear the black market has a ton of them. Is that the place down on Branch Avenue? I’m on my way!


Plane Crash Selfies Are All the Rage


Last month, Ferdinand Puentes was riding in a Makani Kai Air Cessna off the coast of Hawaii when the engine quit. When they hit the water, the passengers escaped from the plane and Ferdinand took out his GoPro camera.

A man after my own heart. If something isn’t on camera did it actually happen? Yes, it probably did, but it’s still cool that he had the calm sense to record the ordeal and safely exit the plane at the same time. “planes going down? ACTION!” This guy has got some major grapes.

Kudos to the pilot as well, I guess he was ok too.


GoPro Makes One Hell of a Promo Video

Can’t wait to crush Okemo Mountain next weekend! Do we have any winter sport athletes in our reader base?! What do you guys ride? and where?


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