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Glennon Gets No Lovie


Before I begin I would like to assure the New England Average Nobodies that we have channels in place so that we can get more local sports coverage besides the Sox. I promise. Having said that, back to Tampa.

Once again Mike Glennon gets no love from the Bucs coaching staff. Lovie Smith announced this week that he would not name the 2nd year QB their week 5 starter…yet. With Josh McClown….i’m sorry, McCown*, still nursing a hand injury it will have to be later in the week before Lovie makes his choice. Because you know, beating the Steelers and getting the first tally in the win column isn’t enough to beat out a veteran guy that looks like he hasn’t played football before…oh and has a sprained throwing hand. I get it, Lovie doesn’t want to look like the idiot that went out and paid for McCown when you had your starter in pewter and red all along. Makes sense, but come on man! Our season depends on it. McCown is not the future so lets see what this Nebraska boys got!



Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Freeman Era is Over in Tampa – A Quick Look at Bucs QBs since 2000

The Josh Freeman era seems to be over in Tampa. Unfortunately, I saw this coming. Josh has all the ability to be a great quarterback but struggles when it matters.

Sunday, Mike Glennon, a third round pick out of NC State will start for the Bucs. I really have no idea what he is capable of in the NFL. So before we move on, let’s take time to look back.

Shaun King


My first ever NFL jersey was good ol’ number 10 back in 5th grade.

Brad Johnson


My one true Tampa Bay Quarterback love. Brought home the Vince Lombardi trophy in 02.

Rob Johnson


The most dependable backup QB in Buccaneer history. Solid and accurate.

Chris Simms


Chris came aboard from Texas and in his sophomore year brought the Bucs back to the playoffs three years removed from their Superbowl win.

Brian Griese


The first of many “band aid” quarterbacks to walk through Tampa.

Tim Rattay


Acquired from San Fran for a 6th round pick and was the third different starting quarterback in the 2006 season.

Bruce Gradkowski


The wildcard.

Luke McCown


Backup turned started turned backup.

Jeff Garcia


One of 4 QBs to bring Tampa to the playoffs in the 2000’s. Did I mention he has a playboy model for a wife? Extra points in my book. (And T.O. thought he was gay….. pshhhh)

Byron Leftwich


Basically brought in as a cushion for Josh Freeman. He was benched mid-2009 and replaced by Freeman. Had the biggest and slowest release the NFL has ever seen.

Josh Johnson



Mostly a backup for Freeman. Started a few games in 2010-2011.

and of course….

Josh Freeman


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