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Lisa Kudrow Joined Taylor Swift For A Live Cover Version Of ‘Smelly Cat’ & It Was Glorious

Taylor Swift is basically taking up residency at the Staples Center this summer, and for each show she brings out a popular musical act and sings one of their songs with them, or she jams out with Julia Roberts, all while being as delightful as ever. Well her surprise attacks went to a whole other level last night, as she brought out Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends for the lay person) and sang a cover version of ‘Smelly Cat’. The percentage of fans that like Taylor Swift and Friends is probably somewhere in the 1000’s, so this is a perfect combo of a smart and power move. All hail Queen Tay Tay.


Cesaro & Tyson Kidd’s Friendship Is Getting More Adorable By The Day

Poor Tyson Kidd is out of action (and almost died) after a dark match with Samoa Joe. While his on screen and real life best friend Cesaro has been making the most out of his new opportunity the last few weeks, he’s also taking time out of his busy schedule to make sure his buddy Tyson Kidd is doing well. Kidd/Cesaro were a really fun tag team, and it’s cool to see that working together in the ring helped them become good friends in real life. Hopefully Cesaro continues to soar and Kidd comes back healthy and better than ever.

– Ryan

…And This is Why Seth Meyers is the Man

And the look on Seth Meyers' face when he took the stage:

Genuine delight for his friend and former SNL co-star Andy Samberg, who won his first Emmy last night. Hit the music!

– Ryan

H/T Buzzfeed

Paul Walker, We Barely Knew You

There isn’t anything that can be said here that hasn’t been said already. Paul is gone too soon and will be sorely missed by his family, friends, and fans.

Am I said about his passing?……..

Yes, very much.


PS- My fantasy football season is dedicated to him.

This is NOT How Life Works

Interesting concept SoulPancake came up with here, but i’m not sure this situation would be as smooth as depicted in the video. No way everyone that sets foot in the ball pit has so much in common. Show me the video of the pro life and pro choice people duking it out. Shoving balls down each others throats and shit. That’s the video I want to see.


I’m Not Crying, I Sweat From My Eyes…

Heartwarming is an understatement for this story.


I’m Officially A Lake Person




Again, I don’t know what this means but I am now officially a lake person. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Give Ryan and his friends a few 30 racks of Busch Light and a lake view house and they’re the happiest sons of bitches on planet Earth. If I can somehow watch a polo match at a lake house then I will have finally found my Utopia. A man can dream.

– Ryan

Why Facebook Killed The High School Reunion


Yesterday I happened to turn on HBO and what was on? American Reunion.  I haven’t seen the latest installment in the “American” movie saga so I sat, and watched it.  Besides “when will they stop making these movies”, one question jumped out at me: has the traditional high school reunion grown obsolete? Think about it, in this day & age you experience a high school reunion every time you log into Facebook or any other social media site.  You know exactly what all of your friends from high school do for work, what they look like, how many kids they have, how many divorces they have had, and what they had for breakfast.  Is a scheduled party really necessary? Here is how I see my HS reunion going: I stand with the guys I spend 99.9% of my week with, we crack jokes at each others expenses, and we fake wrestle.  We do this in my basement every week, it’s nothing new.  But, maybe someone from our class we haven’t “seen”  in a while comes up to us. Let me explain how this goes:

Me: oh hey, good to see you.
Person X: You too, we should definitely get together soon, it’s been too long.
Me: Oh yea that would be great, we definitely should!

Neither party has any interest in actually seeing the other person until the next reunion or until they run into each other in the grocery store and awkwardly walk by each other with their heads hung low. Listen, I’m not trying to be cynical here, just realistic.  All the people from high school that I want to see I can see, and I do.  Everyone has there own set of friends for a reason, you get along with those people (or in my case, we can coexist without murdering each other. It’s a thin line, but we ride it pretty well…most of the time). Why force friendships? To be friendly? Ok, being friendly is a good excuse. You don’t want to be a grumpy asshole, but don’t waste anyones time by going further than “hi and bye”.

Yea reunions are nice in theory, and I will be attending mine eventually, but they have definitely lost their luster.


PS – O’doyle Rules!

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