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If Superman Had a GoPro Camera

Uses for GoPros seem endless. Just when I thought it couldn’t be used in an original manner, the people at CorridorDigital do this! So awesome. So inventive. So tech.



Monsterblog Wednesday: Superpowers – Flying or Invisibility?

It’s that age old question that philosophers have argued over for centuries: would you rather have the ability to fly, or be invisible?



I’m not talking about wearing one of those weird winged suits. I’m talking straight up rainbow colored sweatshirt flying. Basically Superman without the dashing good looks and superhuman strength. Just a guy who can literally fly while everyone else is stuck walking around like an asshole. The cool thing about flying, which invisibility lacks, is the notoriety factor. If I’m the only guy in the world who can fly there’s a solid chance that I start hanging around with hot chicks. Every hot chick on the planet is going to want to know what it’s like to fly. That’s where I come in. The only thing I’d have to perfect is my technique. I think I’d fly around in the moon man position. Just floating backwards across the sky. If I can get that down, maybe Clooney and I can finally be friends after all.



Invisibility, the mother of all superpowers. Don’t get me wrong, I think flying would be epic, but not being able to been seen is much better. No need to buy a house if your invisible, just find an open room at a gigantic mansion and you are all set. Having been born and raised in Rhode Island I would probably head over to Newport and take up residency in either the Breakers Mansion or the Marble House. Need a car? Head down to the dealership and take whichever one you desire. Not to mention you wouldn’t have to pay for movies, theme park admission, or any sporting event EVER. You would never have to work, and no one would be studying you under a microscope. Best part? I can finally go live with Jennifer Lawrence. Even though she won’t know i’m there, but i’m cool with that.


What would you pick?

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Part 2

Domino’s Pizza is introducing it’s next delivery gimmick as a “domicopter”, a flying drone that will deliver your pizza to your doorstep.

Looks like its time for me to invest in a rifle. I’m gonna sit on my front porch and pick these bad boys outta the sky for sport. Yea, I’ll probably indulge in one here and there, but the real fun lies in fucking up Domino’s plan to become the real world version of Skynet.

But seriously do we really need flying pizzas? How do you even pay one of these things? Give them the wrong address, intercept the drone, take pizza, make profit.

A wise man once said “retro fit one of these with a taco holder and I’ll change my tune”. Or something like that.

-Sean Lite-

As Far as the Future is Concerned, Color Me Ecstatic!

NASA is now leasing out its shuttle launch pad to commercial operators. I absolutely cannot wait until I make my millions, rent this bad boy for a night and have an absolute rager. Just dancing the night away on a piece of American history that has supported 90 space missions since 1967. And when NASA is wondering what exactly I’ll be launching off of this pad, my answer will be my brand new 2015 flying car that is currently promised to be on the market in less than two years. The future is here people and damn is it exciting.


These cars/jets are said to be able to take off vertically, you know what that means? Fuck traffic and, more importantly, road blocks. “Oh traffic ahead? No worries”. I’ll just push this button and boom I’m 200 feet up flipping off the conventional motorists with their puny land-dwelling Ferraris and Porches heading to my birthday party/rager at Cape Canaveral!


Leave your keys at the door people, because if driving drunk is a bad idea, I have to imagine flying drunk is about a million times worse.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. With one of these bad boys in my garage, I’ll be afraid of lobsters when they sprout wings.

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