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Farrah Abraham Claims “Dark Times” During Her Time in the Porn Industry

EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Abraham’s Shocking New Claim: “I’m a Rape Survivor”

Couple’s Therapy star Farrah Abraham opened up about her past on the show— but now she’s exposing even more, revealing her dark past of rape and abuse.

In the new issue of In Touch, Farrah, 22, exclusively reveals, “I was drugged and raped more than once. I allowed the type of people into my life,” she says, adding that after the release of her porn movie­, she booked appearances at strip clubs and porn conventions that put her in unsafe situations. – InTouch Weekly

“It was a very dark time.”


Are people who surround themselves with the porn industry more susceptible to “rape culture”? In today’s day and age one of the biggest problem our culture faces is the separation of fantasy and reality. The focus of this invisible barrier usually sits with gun control. A statistic came across my desktop the other day: there has been one school shooting every 10 days since Newtown. EVERY 10 DAYS. That’s mind blowing. I’m not going to attempt to go into the psyche of the people who perpetrate these shootings, but a solid bet would be that they’re mentally unstable. They see something in a video game or on TV and then go out and do it. Back to porn. Go on any porn website, literally any one, and you’ll find some very disturbing categories, including rape. All it takes is one individual who has trouble separating fantasy and reality to watch a “rape” video. That same individual can go to a strip club or porn convention and try to reenact that same video he just watched. Now is the person being attacked to blame because she put herself in that type of environment? That’s where it gets dicey. Porn isn’t promoting rape, but it’s also not going out of its way to typecast against it, either. If these allegations are true, then obviously its tragic. But you can’t help but think in a different environment, this all could’ve been avoided.

What do you think?

– The Average Nobodies

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