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Fantasy Trade Etiquette – The 5 Rules of Trading


Allow me to reintroduce myself: My name is Matt Vieira and I am in my 8th year as commissioner of a 10-team standard scoring fantasy football league. Since beginning my fantasy football commitment (because it is that, isn’t it?) I have realized that it is much more than just a game of numbers, it becomes a well thought out chess match that is as much about what happens off the field as it does on it. That’s where this post is heading. A trade, by definition, is a transaction, where, in this case, one or more players are traded for one or more players. And while that seems like a simple concept there is far more to consider when offering or accepting a trade in your fantasy league.

When involving yourself in such dealings you must adhere to a certain code. This code is something that will help you and your fantasy league to become stronger and more competitive. Without further adieu, here are my 5 rules to help you follow proper trading  etiquette.

Rule 1: The 3 Responses to a Trade

You’re sitting at home the morning after a miserable fantasy loss and what comes across your desk? A fantasy trade! Your  lucky day! So what do you do with said trade? Here are the 3 possible responses to a fantasy trade. 1. Accept the trade: Go ahead, you deserve it. 2. Respectfully decline: Maybe the trade isn’t for you, don’t worry there are plenty of trades in the sea. And 3. Decline and counter: Maybe you don’t want to give up Alshon Jeffery for Donnie Avery, but you will part ways Darren McFadden.

These should be your only responses to a trade offer. Not responding or dragging someone along for a ride is highly frowned upon. Timely responses are key in building trade rapport in your league. Nobody wants to trade with “that guy”.

Rule 2: Have Faith in Your Fantasy League

This is directed at the commissioner, but should also be taken into account by the rest of the league. Always have faith in your league when it comes to trades. I come from a league that has a very tight knit group of guys. We do a cash prize, but that usually isn’t what is top priority . Usually what fuels our fierce battles on the fantasy gridiron is bragging rights. We always want to be better than the next guy. I know this trait isn’t that uncommon, but it should be taken into account when reviewing trades. Nobody in your league wants to do a bad trade (I will talk about collusion instances later). In the traders eyes the transaction they are participating in is making both of their teams better. Far too often do I find leagues that come unraveled because of trades, don’t let that be your league.

Rule 3: The Formula to a Fair Trade

Trading can have a few functions including: making another position on your team better, preparing for a bye week, or getting a guy you personally like. When doing trades you want to make sure you implore a simple formula to get the best bang for your buck. That formula is to sell high and buy low. Just like in stock trading you want to sell players at the top of their game and bring in players as cheap as you can get. Of course there are always exceptions to the rule, but taking a guy that just had a great couple games, especially early in the season, and selling (trading) him, is a perfect way to to beef up some other positions at a discount.

Extra tip – Remember, when buying (trading for) “low” players, do your research. Check their upcoming schedule and bye weeks for reasons to believe in a bounce back.

Rule 4: Limit Vetos

This rule goes hand-in-hand with rule 2. Veto power is something everyone has in fantasy football, unless you belong to a dictatorship league in which case I suggest you join another league. Nobody is larger than the league and the veto button should show that. Veto power should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT be used by the commissioner to regulate trades. The only way a trade should be vetoed is if the majority, or in my league 7 out of 10, decides it is collusion. You heard me right, collusion, AKA stacking someones team. Regular trades must almost always be sent through because of Rule 2 (trust in your league). Everyone wants to win, and everyone wants to make their teams better. Feel like you have people in your league that would participate in collusion? Either they go or you do, don’t settle for a shady ass league. You deserve a fair fantasy experience.

Rule 5: Have Some Dignity

The simplest rule of all. Send trades that makes sense. Nobody likes the guy that offers you Drew Stanton for Marshawn Lynch. Nobody is buying into your bull shit. I don’t care how much “upside” a guy may or may not have, because in the end points do the talking. Make trades based on needs and wants, and realize nobody is going to buy into your players if you send outrageous offers. Again, don’t be that guy.


That’s all I have for this topic. If you have any questions about the 5 rules listed above feel free to hit me up on my twitter (@MattfromRI) or my website’s twitter (@AverageNobodies). Feel free to tell me I’m  an idiot who doesn’t know what I’m  talking about or to let me know you are implementing my trade rules into your league. I am constantly on twitter so you will get a response almost immediately.

May your players stay healthy and let the waiver wire be good to you.

Until next time,



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Brandon Marshall Just Gained a New Fan And I Pledge Not to Draft Him in Fantasy So His Career Doesn’t End Horribly

Good for you, Brandon Marshall. Genuine good guy move right here, and I’m so impressed by this that I vow not to draft him in fantasy football this year. Two things happen to players I draft: they get hurt, or they suck so bad you kind of wished they were hurt. I won’t put that hex on you, Brandon. You’re welcome.

– Ryan

Monsterblog Wednesday: 5 Man Dream Team vs. Putin’s Pussies

Now that Vladimir Putin has made it clear he’s not messing around in Crimea, I think it’s time America’s best and brightest band together and show him that just because you can ride a horse without a shirt on does not mean you can tell us what to do. NOT UP IN HERE PUTIN! Here are our respective dream teams that we’d take into the field of battle against the ring stealing madman:

Matt’s Team – The Avengers Redux

Matt_5 man team

My team is set up very similar to The Avengers. As the captain (America) of my team I serve as the level headed leader for a crew that can be described, at best, as “unstable”. Andre the Giant (Hulk) serves as team muscle and pretty much destroys anything in his path. As a man who has been known to slug back 30 beers in one casual sitting, i’d like to see Putin’s army stack up against him at the bar. Ain’t gonna happen. Next on my list of psychos is the terminator himself, Arnold “The Governor” Schwarzenegger (Thor). The man who has single-handedly kicked more ass than all of Russia combined will be my lead guy on the battlefield. There is no weapon he can’t fire, no vehicle he can’t drive, and no neck he can’t break. Now onto my cocky, yet effective, right-hand man: Bear Grylls (Iron Man). The modern day MacGyver,  the man who can survive in any element, and under any conditions would be a perfect addition to this mod squad. If I need anything while out on the field of battle, Bear can get it done. But i’m not going to trust him with a gun, i’m smarter than that. Last, but certainly not least, Julius Cesar. While I can’t really equate this man to anyone in the Avengers, I can safely say that he will fit in nicely with this crew. Serving as the “Brain” to my “Pinky”, Julius will be my field general. He will out smart the Russian army, take control of their cities, and make them fight one another purely for the sport of it.

I can’t lose. Game. Set. Vieira.

Ryan’s Team – Hell’s Army

Ryan 5 man team jpeg

Team Captain: Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He’s been leading oddballs into battle since the 70s, and what Vinnie Mac wants, Vinnie Mac gets. His income is vast, and I’m pretty sure he’s the biggest supporter of America living today. Vinnie Mac oozes patriotism. I need his business savvy and overall insanity to lead this band of brothers.

Warriors: Teddy Roosevelt, Bruce Lee and myself. My abilities, especially in warfare, are pretty limited. That’s why I’m going to rely on my boys Teddy and Bruce to do the heavy work. Teddy Roosevelt was President of these here United  States and I’m pretty sure he used to hunt animals with only a spear. Plus, MUSTACHE. Bruce Lee is probably the toughest/fastest human in history and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already actually killed someone. Old school brute force combined with new school lighting quick action. Good luck Putin.

Wildcard: Robert Ford. But wait, there’s more! Will Rob Ford be high on crack and die? Will he break his ankle or stumble backwards and get killed? Or will he be the saving grace of my dream team? That’s the beauty of Rob Ford: you never know what you’re going to get. But my bet is on he smokes crack and dies.

Simply stated, I love my team. Send us in a la Bruce and Ben in Armageddon, except this teime Putin is our asteroid. Prepare to be drilled (not in a sexual way).



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Christmas in September: NFL Seasons Opens Tonight!

The NFL season is finally here! Fan Duel. Fantasy Football. Survivor pools. And of course, rooting for your favorite childhood teams. I love my birthday and now that I’m an adult holidays are extra special because you get time off, but nothing brings me as much excitement as the opening night of the NFL season. Sunday fundays now have a totally different meaning. Men can talk football in bars, debating fantasy trades and playoff chances from now until February. God I love this country.


Monsterblog Wednesday: Our Favorite Fantasy Football Team Names

We’re not what you would call brilliant men. The good Lord didn’t bless up with fully functioning brains. But we’ll be damned if we can’t come up with some creative names for our fantasy football teams. Each year around mid August, men come together, in bars and basements alike, for one beautiful cause: their fantasy football draft. Should you go running back running back? Is Adrian Peterson trustworthy enough to be picked #1? The decisions are endless, but it all starts with one thing: your team name. Some are creative, some are funny, and some are downright genius. Don’t have a team name yet? Check out our list of fantasy football teams for the upcoming season.

RyanFoges’s Top 3

1. Tracy Chapman’s Fast Cars


Really has nothing to do with football, but when you include one of the greatest songs of our generation into your team name, only good things can happen.

2. Rob Gronkowski’s School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good


He may be legally retarded, but the man can play football. With this name, your team will be like Gronk himself, the biggest wildcard in fantasy football, especially when you combine his streak of injuries and his blatant refusal to rehab them correctly.

3. Red White & Drew Bledsoe’s

New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe (L)

Drew Bledsoe is the coolest name in NFL history. America is the greatest country in the world. With this team name, fantasy football glory is yours.

MattyV’s Top 3

1. Attempted Murder


A team name dripping with double meaning. I bet you didn’t know that a group of crows is called a murder.

2. John Mayer’s Bed Post


John Mayer’s bed post is notched with all-stars and so is your fantasy team.

3. Lieutenant Dan’s Platoon


Lt. Dan Taylor might have lost his legs in the war, but you won’t lose a game with this team name. Naming your team after this American hero is the first step towards greatness.

Pro Bowl Fantasy Draft?! My Dreams Have Come True!


The once boring and unwatched Pro Bowl is getting an upgrade! Along with eliminating kickoffs and shortening quarter times, the Pro Bowl is going to add a fantasy style draft to the all-star game. This is the Pro Bowl that I have been waiting for! Maybe Doug Martin will be lining up behind Tom Brady this year? Who knows, a man can dream!


PS- Who can forget this awesome Pro Bowl moment, complements of Brian Moorman and the late great Sean Taylor. (And of course JR has to call it)

Ryan’s Movie Alert: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, coming out on Christmas day, stars Ben Stiller, (who also directs) Kirsten Wiig and Adam Scott. Judging from the trailer and synopsis, Secret Life looks to be a fantasy comedy blend, or as I like to call it, Dodging Reality with a budget. This film is drastically different from Stiller’s other directorial features, (Tropic Thunder, Zoolander, The Cable Guy) and in my opinion, different is always good. If nothing else, this trailer peaks my interest and I’ll absolutely be seeing it in theater’s. Plus, can a film about daydreaming starring three comedy all stars really be that bad? We’ll find out on Jesus’s birthday.

– Ryan

Fantasy Football Is Upon Us – 30 Days To The Draft


Buy your magazines, print out your cheat sheets, select a clever team name, and batten down the hatches! Because that wonderful time of the year is upon us!  In less than a month I will be participating in, and running, my leagues fantasy draft.  The live draft is something I look forward to all year long.  We all get together, talk ungodly amounts of trash, select our teams, get drunk, and rosterbate over our teams.  It’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything on this Earth.  If you don’t play fantasy football, please do yourself a favor and join a league!


PS- I suggest ESPN for a fantasy football host.

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