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Is There Anything Better Than Awkward Family Photos Around the Holidays?

No. The answer is no.

The bearded man isn’t even a member of this family. Everyone is just too afraid to tell him to leave.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Remember when you were at that age when mom and dad were THE WORST? Be grateful you weren’t born into this family.

Three people who absolutely love Thanksgiving. Excitement is off the charts.

I’d be upset if I was that awful at coloring too.

– The Average Nobodies

(credit: Awkward Family Photos)

Awkward Family Portraits are Always Funny

That cat is not happy.


Nothing says “family” like a tiny rifle and a parrot.


Winnie The Pooh characters and he picks Eor? POWER MOVE


…………..please, god no……


Kid in the middle takes his LAST Christmas card.


Secret mullet, huge glasses, cat, laser show


Families that don’t have a centaur in their portraits are doing it so wrong.


Should have painted the bulge like a basketball, but still, A+ work right here.


These are my favorites. Click here for the full list. Via


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