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Dirk Koetter Gets A Promotion – I’m Indifferent


I honestly wake up every morning forgetting that Lovie Smith isn’t the coach anymore. I didn’t even like him that much, i’m just super forgetful. I guess if we were going to have to pick a new coach…I would have gone with Josh McDaniels, but Koetter is a close second. He seems like him and Winston get a along pretty well, so that’s a good sign. He helped turned the team around from a 29th ranked offense to a 5th ranked offense. He has blonde hair…I don’t know, I don’t have much to say about him. We will have to wait for the season to see how I really feel about him. If he can keep the momentum that Winston built up all year then I think this team will continue to grow.

I can say this, it’s good to have a guy who enjoys visors back in pewter and red.


The NFC South Got in a GIF War This Morning on Twitter

Here is how it went down.







The Saints coming in hot, like a bunch of psychos, with the Tommy Pickles GIF. I am a little disappointed in my Bucs here. Clearly the Falcons got the better of them in this battle. The key to winning a titter war is strike first and strike hard. If you can’t strike first, then just strike hard. They didn’t strike first here and their strike back was weak. “Mean Girls” GIFs are funny and plentiful…and you picked that one? They redeemed themselves with the Ace Ventura tutu scene though.


I’m Tony Gonzalez?


Ok, who put the question mark on the teleprompter?!


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