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Really? Come on Man!


This picture of Bill Gates has been tearing its way through Facebook over the last week or so. Saying that if you share it, Mr. Gates is going to give you $5,000! Whooooo! Maybe i’ll share it twice so I can get $10,000!…….. Come on people! You are all better than this. Do you know what gave this away as fake to me in the first .1 seconds of me reading it? Not the fact that he would be giving each of the 2+ million people who shared it $5,000, because i’m pretty sure he could swing that. No, what gave it away was the line “It’s about time I give back to the people!”. Like, are you fucking kidding me, whoever-made-this? Bill Gates is one of the most generous people on the face of this earth. Guy gives to charity upon charity. You think just because your not getting a piece of the action you think that he should finally “give back to the people”? Go live under a tree, or better yet, go work for your money, like Billy Boy did. Then maybe YOU can give back to the same life-suckers that will be accusing you of being stingy.  WAKE UP


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