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The Raptors GM is Going to Get His Whole Team Murdered by Kevin Garnett

The Raptors and Nets are headed to the Barclays Center with their series tied 1-1, and Kevin Garnett has sent out a not-so-welcoming message to his neighbors from the north.

“I don’t know if you can say ‘F Brooklyn’ and then come into Brooklyn,” Garnett said Tuesday. “So we’re about to see what it’s like.”

The comment — a reference to Raptors GM Masai Ujiri’s cursing of Brooklyn prior to Game 1

Not a good move by Ujiri. You don’t insult the city of the most intense NBA player of all time and expect to get away with it. You just don’t. KG had those words, “F-Brooklyn”, floating through his head on both road games just waiting till you stepped into his domain to unleash hell. Expect head smashing, loud swearing, intimidating looks, and then the murdering of all Raptors players right on the court. He has been in Brooklyn for less than a year and he already wants to kill for his city.


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