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This Tweet is Why ESPN Sucks


So we’re not going to include Kevin Love or Kyle Lowry or the dozen or so other guys that DO have a triple double this year? I’m not one of those hockey fans who thinks they get boned with ESPN exposure because SportsCenter repeatedly shows a guy who is 7 feet tall dunk (even though its true). If hockey fans want to know why they’re on NBC Sports and not ESPN they should revolutionize (?) against their commissioner who locked out the sport twice in eight years. As far as ESPN is concerned, this is why people hate you. We know Lebron is great. We know he’s your bread and butter. But we don’t need to know he doesn’t have a triple double this year. Especially when there are a dozen people who you rarely cover who have accomplished that. Lebron doesn’t need to be on every list or every segment of your show. Would it kill you to get some Dirk stats up in there!?

– Ryan

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