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Hey Gwyneth Paltrow, Is Everything OK At Home?

H2NOGwyneth Paltrow is causing controversy again with a statement on her lifestyle website Goop about her belief that water might have feelings.

The 41-year-old actress, who recently split from her husband Chris Martin, endorsed the work of Japanese doctor Masuru Emoto, who has published several books on the theory that human consciousness can change the structure of water.

“I have long had Dr. Emoto’s coffee table book on how negativity changes the structure of water,” Paltrow wrote on her blog. “How the molecules behave differently depending on the words or music being expressed around it.”

“I am fascinated by the growing science behind the energy of consciousness and its effects on matter,” Paltrow added.

Paltrow goes on to share the theories of Emoto through Dr. Habib Sadeghi in her newsletter. In his column, Sadeghi claims he “proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object.”

confused chloe

Glad Gwyneth is staying sane after the uncoupling or whatever the hell happened with Chris Martin. Maybe water has feelings, maybe water doesn’t have feelings. But why waste your time even writing something like that? We need water to survive and according to The Doctah our bodies are at least 89% water, and frankly I think he’s lowballing it. Is it a thing where you become famous, live in Hollywood then just think of the craziest thing in the world and starting saying it like it’s your own personal Bible? Gwyneth compared internet trolls to be being a wartime solider and now this; Charlize Theron compared being followed around to actual rape, and Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise. Maybe celebrities should tone the crazy for awhile, and unless water starts screaming at me from my water bottle telling me not to drink it I’m going to continue drinking 8-10 bottles a day.

– Ryan



Your Body is 90% Water [The Doctah Is In]


Popeye ate his spinach.  The Doctah ate his spirulina.


The color of money. The color of trees. The color of magic.

Well, yeah, I don’t know about the magic part, but let The Doctah edumacate ya.

In 1940, Popeye ate his spinach.  It had amazing effects.  Protein, yum.  Big muscles, plenty of ladies.  Olive oil, yes, Olive oil, stole his heart.

Do you understand the lingo?  The oil was the bread to his butter.  (Yes he owned both).


That’s was in the 1940s.

There’s been a lot of informacion back then that tells us that green is still the way, but spinach, eh … its okay. (The Doctah can rhyme too)

Now, there are newer foods out there: spirulina and chlorella to be exact.

So what are spirulina and chlorella? Well they are sea algae.

Your next question should be, “Why the F*ck” would I eat sea algae?

Well that’s simple, young jedi.  Your body is made up of 90% water or 95% or some very high number like that.  So that means stuff from water, especially from the sea, will have a beneficial effect on your body.

The spirulina contains high quality protein as well as other high quality sources of variable nutrients for your body to consume.

Nutrients = Good.  Just in case you didn’t know.

The chlorella contains chloryphyl.  Chloryphyll is essential for plants to grow.  People do not generally think of themselves as plants, BUT, i’ll give it to you simply:  what does a plant do?  It grows.  What do people do?  Generally they grow.  Hmmm… molto interesante.

Now go on Amazon, and grab some hawaiin pacifica spirulina and some 1000mg chlorella.  If you got the cash, grab a 3 month supply.  Come see the Doctah in 3 months, and I dare ya to tell the Doctah you don’t feel better.

Disclaimer:  The Doctah does not try to cure you, you cure you.  He just shows you the way.

Stay sexy my Nobodies.

-The Doctah

Christopher Lloyd Showed up to CES Dressed as Doc Brown and My Head Exploded

Source – Great Scott! Actor Christopher Lloyd arrived as Doctor Emmett Brown at CES 2014 to celebrate the 120th year of Gibson guitars.

“Flying in” on an authentic recreation of the DeLorean (with a flux capacitor and everything!),  Doc Brown greeted everyone at the CES event and posed for photos.

This is CES, after all, so of course Doc Brown came equipped with a Google Glass device. Classy!

Lloyd helped celebrate the anniversary of Gibson guitars and even went off script a couple of times during the presentation. Lloyd seemed fixated on a man dressed in costume, posing with an 1894 Gibson guitar. He called the man the “world’s most expensive guitar stand.” Lloyd went on, “He just keeps standing there, it’s weird!”

Lloyd did tell the crowd that a ‘Back to the Future‘ reunion of sorts will be happening. He’s due to appear on the ‘Michael J. Fox Show’ this spring.

And playing guitar.


I’m a sucker for ANYTHING BTTF related, but this was awesome on so many accounts. Christopher Lloyd, dressed as Doc Brown, in the DeLorean, talking guitars with Google Glass on. That’s a whole lot of cool for one event. I now have one goal for 2014 and my life: get inside the DeLorean and say “flux capacitor..fluxing”. That’s it. If ever get to do that I’ll fade into oblivion as the happiest guy on Earth.

– Ryan

P.S. Doc Brown and Marty McFly back together!? Pinch me.



Just What the Doctor Ordered: Part 2

Domino’s Pizza is introducing it’s next delivery gimmick as a “domicopter”, a flying drone that will deliver your pizza to your doorstep.

Looks like its time for me to invest in a rifle. I’m gonna sit on my front porch and pick these bad boys outta the sky for sport. Yea, I’ll probably indulge in one here and there, but the real fun lies in fucking up Domino’s plan to become the real world version of Skynet.

But seriously do we really need flying pizzas? How do you even pay one of these things? Give them the wrong address, intercept the drone, take pizza, make profit.

A wise man once said “retro fit one of these with a taco holder and I’ll change my tune”. Or something like that.

-Sean Lite-

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