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Pauly D is a Papa


DJ Pauly D, the onetime Johnston DJ who rose to fame on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” and “The Pauly D Project,” is a father, celebrity-gossip website TMZ reports.

Says TMZ: “The mother is 26, born in Jersey but she met Pauly in Vegas last year. We’re told they hooked up while he was DJing in Sin City. The baby is a few months old, living with her mom.”

The 33-year-old Pauly D, aka Paul DelVecchio, retweeted TMZ’s tweet of its story, and is accepting and retweeting congratulations sent on Twitter.

TMZ quotes him as telling the website: “I’m proud I’m a father. I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.”

Congrats Pauly! Congrats even though the whole world knows this is a Vegas baby. What’s the old adage? “What happens in vegas can grow inside your stomach and be born in Jersey”?….I think that’s the saying.


Here is how I picture Ron Paul finding out.





LeBron Has A 24/7 DJ In His Hotel Room?!

OK, really? LeBron probably pulling of the power move of the week on this one (power move of the week would have gone to Will and Kate if they named their kid Prince Indiana Jones. You two dropped the ball, or whip, on that one).

Say what you want about the guy, but he knows how to party. This is most certainly something that I would do if I had the disposable income of King James.  Everyday I would wake up to DMX barking in my ear, and go to sleep with the sweet melodies of a John Mayer and Norah Jones mash-up.  I have one grievance with this LeBron, if you are a true back-to-back NBA champ you would have him following you wherever you went. Think a little further outside the box next time, big guy.


PS- Apparently China loves LeBron way more than the USA does.


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