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Devin Brugman’s Instagram Was a Flurry of Emotion Last Night


What a flurry of emotion. Devin Brugman’s instagram is the ideal place to feed creeps and weirdo. Granted I follow her so I’m not sure what that says about me. This is also a good time to point out that people who comment “first like” on instagram are the worst people in the world. Do you want a a medal or a prize? Go out and experience some human interaction. And Devin Brugmam, I’ll be in Austin, Texas until Wednesday if you finally come to your senses and want to hang out.

– Ryan

Public Masturbation Is Now Legal In Sweden

Public masturbators in Sweden now may be able to get off without charges.

A recent court ruling in Sweden’s Södertörn District Court suggests that masturbating on the beach in Sweden is “OK,” according to public prosecutor Olof Vrethammar.

Vrethammar was prosecuting a 65-year-old who was charged with sexual assault after getting literally caught with his pants down in June, giving himself a sandy handy on a the Drevviken beach in Stockholm, according to The Local’s translation of the Swedish newspaper Mitti.

A ruling which acquitted the man of the sex assault charges this week found that although the he was publicly masturbating, he was not directing his actions at anyone in particular, according to the Local. This was enough to clear him of the sexual assault charge, though it’s unclear if the action is still in violation of other statutes in Sweden.

“With that [ruling],” prosecutor Vrethammar told the Mitti, “we can conclude that it is OK to masturbate on the beach… [although] the act may be considered to be disorderly conduct.”

Dr. Liz Davies of London Metropolitan University has researched Sweden’s child protection system, and told the Daily Mail the court decision surprised her.

“Sweden has a really robust child protection system and very rigorous investigation around sexual abuse,” she said. “So this judgement is surprising given that such an act could be witnessed by children as well as adults.”

Because why not, right? The fact that this trial lasted more than 10 seconds shows you how fucked up Sweden is. You can’t claim to have rigorous child protection laws AND let people jerk off in public. You know what kind of people jerk in off in public? Sex offenders. I’d hate to be in Sweden this weekend. Public masturbation is going to be off the charts.

– Ryan

P.S. At least Devin Brugman still exists. Have a great weekend.


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