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In His Final At Bat in Yankee Stadium, Derek Jeter Was Stabbed Through the Heart With a Trident. JK He Got a Walkoff Hit

A lot of things have to happen to have a perfect moment. You need the perfect scenario (meaningless game), the perfect people (Buck Showalter, who managed Jeter his rookie year, didn’t intentionally walk him) and the perfect setting (Yankee stadium, where else). All those things happened last night, as Derek Jeter played his final game at Yankee Stadium, and in his final at bat, hit an opposite field single that scored the winning run. Some people are saying it was a meatball, and it was, but if a 20 year career that includes 5 world series rings doesn’t deserve a last at bat meatball then I don’t know what does. You don’t have to love him, you don’t have to hate him, but you do have to re2pect him.

– Ryan

Insane Instagram Comments: Not Even Derek Jeter is Immune





Is that really what we need, Bueno boy? Do we really need a picture of Derek Jeter on the toilet? It just seems very unnecessary. I know we usually have pictures of beautiful women’s instagram’s on here, but I guess the Instagram comment section’s insane reach extends far and wide. I’m afraid to ask what kind of freaky stuff Bueno boy is into, but anyone who goes out of their way to comment on a picture of Derek Jeter asking for a different picture of him on the toilet is probably an odd duck. If the Red Sox put a picture of Jeter punishing a toilet on their jumbo tron this weekend I will never be the same again.

– Ryan

Derek Jeter is Calling it A Career


After this season, and after playing a spectacular 20 season career with the Yankees, Derek Jeter is ready to move on to life after baseball.

First Mo, now Jeets? I can’t imagine the emotions flowing through New Yorkers right now, but I imagine it looks something like this.




Derek Jeter Dumped The DirectTV Genie? Rookie Move, Jetes


Just in time for me to swoop in. Hey Hannah, do you like AHL hockey games? Because you happen to be looking at a, proud, 10-game season ticket holder for the Providence Bruins. Looks like someones ear is in danger of having hair brushed over it.


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