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Christian Bale is a Sweet Angelic Prince

SourceDANNY HAMMOND just got a little help from Batman himself.

The 21-year-old from Springfield, Delaware County, is at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia because of astrocytoma, a cancerous tumor on his spinal cord.

To show Hammond, who has been battling cancer since he was 9, support, his family posts pics to a “Dan’s Our Man” Facebook page. Although most contributors are family and friends, Christian Bale recently sent his own show of support, sending a pic with “Dan’s Our Man” written across his face. Bale found out about Hammond through Hammond’s cousin, a costume designer who has worked with Bale.

Bale is known for changing his appearance for the big screen, such as his recent Oscar-nominated role in “American Hustle,” but rarely has it been for a cause this sweet.

Christian Bale shows support for Danny Hammond who has been battling cancer since he was nine.

Christian Bale sounds like a swell guy. I know he had that blowup on the set on Terminator a while back, but anyone who goes out of his way to do this is OK in my book. And the best part about this is it wasn’t a publicity stunt. He didn’t do it and give a million interviews about it. He found out about the kids battle and posted his show of support. Simple as that. Wouldn’t expect anything else out of Batman, and if this helps Dan persevere a little longer, then it was well worth it.

– Ryan

Cowboys Doing Cowboy Things: Sign Kicker Dan Bailey to 7 Year Extension

IRVING, Texas — Long known as a team that saw kickers as interchangeable pieces, the Dallas Cowboys have signed Dan Bailey to a seven-year deal, the team announced Thursday.

Bailey, who turns 26 in Sunday, was set to be a restricted free agent. His renegotiated deal runs through 2020.

The Cowboys were likely to use the second-round tender on Bailey worth $2.124 million before striking the long-term deal.

Signed as an undrafted free agent in 2011, Bailey has made 88 of 98 field goal attempts in his three seasons, missing just four kicks in the last two seasons. He made 28 of 30 tries in 2013, including six of seven from 50 yards or more. In his first two seasons Bailey made 5-of-9 attempts from 50-yards or more. He also had 57 touchbacks.

Bailey has kicked a franchise-record eight game-winning field goals since joining the Cowboys.

The only other time the Cowboys put a serious investment into a kicker came in 2006 when they signed Mik Vanderjagt to a three-year, $5.4 million deal that included a $2.5 million signing bonus. Vanderjagt was cut that season after poor form.

Since 2011, only Josh Scobee of the Jacksonville Jaguars has a better percentage than Bailey (91.0 to 90.8). Justin Tucker has made 68 of 74 attempts in 2012-13.

With 11 more made attempts, Bailey would qualify for the all-time percentage leader. Vanderjagt is currently the most active kicker in NFL history, converting 86.5% of his kicks.


Because THAT’S the problem. You haven’t been good in so long because your kicker didn’t have a long enough deal. Bravo, JJ. The funny thing is Dan Bailey is actually a great kicker, but when you have a chance to knock Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, you take it. And unless Dan Bailey becomes the first human in history to stop Tony Romo from doing Tony Romo things, the Cowboys will miss out on the playoffs with a week 17 loss yet again next year.

– Ryan

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