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The Doctah is In: Charles Manson & Coconuts


Ok, so you see Charles Manson above. Not a cool guy.  However, he was a very intelligent man, just too twisted for his own agenda.  Spiderman said it best, “With great power comes great responsibility”.  This guy forgot that if you are responsible for controlling people, you are ultimately responsible for their actions.

This intro leads me to my next doctor-esque statement: although I do not have a PhD, I could easily diagnose Mr. Manson as having a true Chemical Imbalance in his brain.  Chemicals are called HORMONES.  Stay with me.

Short aside:  If you are Chinese and are referring to this page for correcting ailments, then a chemical imbalance is considered an imbalance of yin and yang energy.  Have you ever met someone ultimately good?  No.  Well, maybe Jesus. Or Black Jesus, who knows.  Have you ever seen or met someone very evil?  (See above).  Too much yang energy.

HOWEVER, there is a fix.

Now I’m not claiming I could fix Charles Manson.  What I am saying, is I could make it so we could harness what he knows, and make him a more positive person.  Maybe we could make him become conscious of his imbalance and his overdose of yang energy.

OK, so I’m not a dick.  I’m not gonna leave you hanging.

Who loves COCONUTS?  I do.

What is concentrated COCONUTS? Coconut Oil.

What does coconut oil do?  Balances hormones.

What does that mean?  It makes you a little less crazy.
So that means, if you balance your hormones, you can balance your yin and yang energy, thus making you a little less crazy.

And how do you do this?


Don’t believe me?  GOOGLE IT.  I WANT YOU TO.

And finally back to my original thesis. If we give Charles Manson 4 tablespoons of COCONUT OIL a day, we could balance his energy, and make him a little less stupid and a little less crazy. But come on, wouldn’t you want the knowledge of a guy that can smuggle a cellular phone into a secure prison facility?  I would.


Don Juan’s Long Lost Brother,

The Doctah

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