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Nothing Like Watching A 20 Month Old Baby Climb A Rock Wall To Make You Feel Like A Lump Of Shit

I say this with as little sarcasm as possible: watching this 20 month old baby climb a rock wall really makes me question my athleticism. I’m pretty sure I could do this, but that’s really not the point. A 20 month old baby can do this, so a 27 year old fully grown male doing the same thing isn’t really that impressive. The fact that I have to think twice about whether or not I can do this is hands down one of the saddest moments of my life. Congrats to this overachiever, but maybe slip up a bit to make the rest of us feel better.

– Ryan

Cyanide & Happiness Knows How to Tickle my Funny Bone


Here is one of their new shorts! Enjoy



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