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Cleveland Weatherman Mark Johnson Took The Cavs Game 4 Loss In Stride. JK He Brought A Weed-Whacker Live On Air

The Cleveland Cavaliers lost game four of the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors last night and Cleveland weatherman/insane person Mark Johnson had an understandable reaction. By understandable, I mean deranged. He brought out a weed whacker and cut a piece of paper, which I guess signifies the Warriors getting away with fouls? His next act was legitimately funny, as he advised viewers that JR Smith and Iman Shumpert hit four more shots combined than he had tonight, and then picked up a cinderblock which I’m assuming he thought was a brick. If this is his reaction to a game four loss, I’m kind of scared for the people of Cleveland if the Cavs lose this series.

– Ryan

Cleveland’s List of Memorable Sports Moments is As Depressing As It Gets

Source – As the year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect. Like so many other years in Cleveland sports, 2013 was filled with memories – both good and bad from all the teams.

The Indians brought the most joy to fans. A new manager, roster and renewed sense of hope led to a season of walk-offs, fireworks, late-game magic and yes, even a playoff appearance.

Fans also hopped on the Cavs coaster for another ride. The team sent Kyrie Irving to the All Star game, they signed Andrew Bynum and won the lottery again! But used the top pick on Anthony Bennett, who looks befuddled every time he takes the court, and is in the midst of one of the worst starts for a No. 1 pick.

The Browns’ season was supposed to be different. With a new coach – who grew up rooting for them – leading the new regime, there was excitement around town. Things got off to a strong start. But it turned out to be just a typical year for the Browns, one with them finishing last in the division again.

Record-setting performances by Josh Gordon, a snapped losing streak against Baltimore and sparks provided by Brian Hoyer – the hometown quarterback who grew up idolizing Bernie Kosar – were mixed with FBI raids of Pilot Flying J, a quarterback carousel that has been spinning since 1999, double-digit losses, passes flipped underhand and the team’s shutdown cornerback getting burned in the closing seconds by Cecil Shorts and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Starting on Friday, will be releasing, one-by-one, the most memorable Cleveland sports moments of 2013, and we would like your help compiling the list. The top moment will be revealed on New Year’s Eve.


This might be the most backhanded article ever written. “Yeah things were supposed to be different but we basically sucked in every major sport again”. I guess losing in a one game playoff is memorable? The only cool thing that happened this year in Cleveland was the emergence of Josh Gordon, and even that was bittersweet, because as soon as he can he’ll sign a big contract elsewhere. I feel for you, Cleveland. It can’t be easy having three teams be this bad for this long. Merry Christmas?

– Ryan

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