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Welcome to Boston, A.J. Pierzynski

The deal is still pending a physical, but let’s roll out the welcome carpet anyway. It was clear the Sox wanted no part of a long term deal with Salty, and it’s hard to blame them after his performance in the postseason. After Mccann and Ruiz both signed elsewhere, Pierzynski was their next option. Low risk, high reward. One year deal for what’s probably a little above the veterans average. He is 37, but as ESPN Boston reports, he’s played in at least 125 games in every year since 2002. While all these numbers work for the Sox, his most important contributions won’t show up in the box scores this season. He’s a gamer, and he’s a winner. He’s already won a world series with the White Sox. He’s a little insane, which fits perfectly into the Red Sox mold. The most important thing is that Pierzynski, at 37 years old, still has something to prove. If he can mesh with Farrell and that clubhouse, 2014 should another exciting year.

– Ryan

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