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Bill Murray Popped Out Of A Cake & Hung Out With People On The Street During His Final Appearance With David Letterman

Unless you live under a rock (which if you do, I’m terribly sorry) then you know David Letterman’s final Late Night show is tonight. Celebrities have been appearing/giving tributes for the past few weeks (I wrote about Eddie Vedder’s appearance yesterday) but it’s not quite a send off until Bill Murray gets involved. Well he got involved last night, and it was silly and wonderful and everything you love about a Bill Murray appearance. He popped out of a cake, hugged Letterman and high fived audience members while covered in cake, then ventured outside and led people on the streets in a chant asking Dave not to leave the air. Bill Murray for the win, again and again.

– Ryan

I’ve Never Seen Someone so Happy To Get Laid Out By a Cake Before


Just pure joy and excitement spread across this girls face. She had zero intentions of stopping that cake. She wanted all of it. This girl’s mantra is as follows: Rave, cake knockout punch, brush hair back, repeat. All damn day.


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