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It Turns Out Soliciting And Assaulting A Prostitute Was Not The Best Career Move For Warren Sapp

WarrenThe NFL Network has already fired Warren Sapp after this week’s prostitution arrest, and now a beer company is making sure he stays off television.

According to TMZ, Bud Light is pulling all its ads that feature Sapp, making sure they no longer air and pulling them off YouTube.

The commercials featured a Buccaneers fan being surprised with his living room redone, and his back yard being turned into a pirate ship. Sapp barges in wearing full pirate regalia, complete with a parrot on his shoulder.

Warren Sapp

                                 watching his post playing career pass him by

 I’m not here to bash on Warren Sapp. If you want to get a few hookers and party after the Super Bowl go for it. Have yourself a mother f’n day. But if you’re going to do it as a well known athlete you probably shouldn’t get caught. I know it goes without saying, but apparently Warren Sapp didn’t think about that, because he’s longer on the NFL Network and he’s no longer going to appear in Bud Light commercials. Those are two pretty huge names that just washed their hands with Sapp. Lesson here: if you’re going to mess around with prostitutes, don’t assault them, and don’t get caught.

– Ryan

Warren Sapp Dresses Like a Pirate in Bud Light’s New “Up For Whatever” Commercial

I have a number of things to say about this commercial, but before I do let me show you something.


For those of you who do not know, this is the face of the Buccaneers franchise. The man who got us our first win against a very hostile team in a very hostile environment. This is Mike Glennon, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. Send McCown back to the toilet store!

I digress.

This commercial is awesome in so many ways. If I ever came home from the beer store to find my living room and backyard had been transformed into a pirate themed wonderland I would lose my mind. My neighbors would hate me, because I would fire those cannons 24/7, but it would be totally worth it. Warren Sapp hasn’t been on TV for very many good things lately so this is a nice change of pace for the hall of famer (who dresses up like a pirate better than anyone I have ever seen). Maybe Disney should contact him for a “Pirates of the Caribbean” reboot. Bill Paxton knows he needs the money.





The Super Bowl Commercials are Already Looking Promising


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