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Detroit Broke City


Great! Good for you Detroit. Just barely being eligible for bankruptcy is probably the lowest you can get. But if I know Detroit they will find a way to fuck it up.


Hey thank god for the Tigers though….oh wait…


Matt’s Moron of the Month: The City of Detroit

Wow, already August? Time for me to declare July’s “Moron of the Month”. If you live under a rock the city of Detroit, the whole fucking city, declared bankruptcy.┬áDetroit, the once booming automotive city has taken quite the fall from grace since the days Henry Ford ran the show. ┬áTen “8 Mile” sequels couldn’t help this city now. This is the single largest bankruptcy event (is that a thing? bankruptcy event? Yeah, i’m going with it) in American history. I’m not sure how they are going to get out of there 18+ billion dollar debt; maybe they could start a bake sale.

Also, it’s not bankruptcy unless you DECLARE it, like Michael Scott


PS- Hey Red Wings, you better start winning more Stanley Cups so people have something to live for in Detroit.

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