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Detroit Broke City


Great! Good for you Detroit. Just barely being eligible for bankruptcy is probably the lowest you can get. But if I know Detroit they will find a way to fuck it up.


Hey thank god for the Tigers though….oh wait…



Matt’s Moron of the Month: The City of Detroit

Wow, already August? Time for me to declare July’s “Moron of the Month”. If you live under a rock the city of Detroit, the whole fucking city, declared bankruptcy. Detroit, the once booming automotive city has taken quite the fall from grace since the days Henry Ford ran the show.  Ten “8 Mile” sequels couldn’t help this city now. This is the single largest bankruptcy event (is that a thing? bankruptcy event? Yeah, i’m going with it) in American history. I’m not sure how they are going to get out of there 18+ billion dollar debt; maybe they could start a bake sale.

Also, it’s not bankruptcy unless you DECLARE it, like Michael Scott


PS- Hey Red Wings, you better start winning more Stanley Cups so people have something to live for in Detroit.

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