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Philip Rivers is a GUNSLINGER

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I’ve said it before, and I will scream 1,000 more times from the top of the Sears tower if I have to.  Philip Rivers is a, old fashion, gunslinger! Now, don’t get it confused, i’m not talking about his high level of on-the-field play. Nope. What i’m talking about is the aura that he puts out. Bolo tie during post-game? Check. Speaking with a certain recklessness? Check. Primal screams after a big playoff win? Big ol’ CHECK. Guy loves football, and football loves him back.


Peyton and Co. better watch out because the GUNSLINGER is coming to town!

Philip Rivers Has The Best Fashion Sense in the NFL

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Post-game presser and on the panel for NFL Network P-Rivers rocks the bolo tie. Bold move, made complete by some cowboy boots and a plaid shirt, but this is the mark of a great QB. If you look up “Gun Slinger” in the dictionary you will undoubtedly see a picture of Philip Rivers. He is going to have a Brett Favre swagger about him by the time he retires. GET THIS GUY IN A WRANGLER COMMERCIAL!


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