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Blue Jays Fan Casually Letting Us Know Where Her Priorities Lie


blue jay

You can call the Blue Jays fans whatever you want, but you can’t knock their passion. Just letting it all hang out there on the license plate for the world to see. Are adults in Canada this sheltered from the world? I don’t care how big of a Blue Jays fan you are, the letters BJ will always mean blow job. ALWAYS. There are two dynamite facts of life: Bill Paxton discovered the Titanic and the letters BJ stand for blow job. Putting the word mom after BJ is really just some delicious icing on the cake. The next time little Johnny gets dropped off at school by BJ MOM he should have himself one hell of a terrible day.

– Ryan

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Of Course There’s a Festivus Pole in the Florida Capitol

Source – Countering the first-ever nativity scene to be displayed at the Florida Capitol, a South Florida man has installed a Festivus pole in the Capitol rotunda Wednesday, right next to the Christmas manger scene a Christian group set up last week.

The pole, built using empty Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans, is in celebration of the parody holiday made popular by a holiday episode of “Seinfeld.”

Chaz Stevens received permission from the state of Florida to install the Festivus pole.

Both Stevens and the Florida Nativity Scene Committee, which put up the manger scene, think the other group’s display is laughable, and more than a few visitors have stopped to laugh about what they called “the nonsense of it all.”

Beneath the rival displays, however, lies a serious question about just where the line between church and state should be drawn. Stevens said he wanted to make a statement that government should not be endorsing any religion.



You knew Florida wasn’t going to go quietly into the night this holiday season. Too many psychopaths in a confined area for there not to be a religious war of some kind. Chaz Stevens is leading that charge. Florida wants to set up a manger in the state capitol? Chaz Stevens will erect a Festivus pole made out of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans. Does it matter that Festivus is a fake holiday created by Frank Costanza in Seinfeld? Not if you’re Chaz Stevens, and not if you’re from Florida. If the government is going to recognize one religious holiday, you bet your ass someone from Florida is going to make them recognize every other one too.

– Ryan

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