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Getting your Wisdom Teeth Out + Your Mom Telling you to Stay In Your Room = A Tornado of Emotions Ice Bucket Challenge

Betrayal, blood, and ice water…a recipe for disaster if you ask me. “My mom told me not to leave my room” and I can see where she is coming from. This girl is in zero condition to be outside her bed never mind roaming her empty house and doing the ice bucket challenge, which with the size of the “Bucket” I’m not sure it even counts. (donate now) can I get a ruling on that? Bucket too small? She didn’t even pour it on her head. Just a straight chest shot. Well, at any rate, thank you for making my day just a little bit brighter and darker at the same time, and thank you for finally making a generation of YouTubers finally forget about David after Dentist. Kid was in the spotlight for far too long. Cleanup those stitches and get back in bed.

In Bill Paxton’s name we pray.


In Honor of it Being Friday the 13th, Here is a Horror Movie Mash Up

Friday the 13th is a day that is different for a lot of people. Some find it horrifying and others really don’t give a shit. I personally think a Friday, the 13th should be embraced. So, pop in a horror movie, scare some of your friends and family, and allow the madness to grab ahold of you.




A Slash Above The Rest [Evil Dead Review]

Having been able to see the world premiere of this movie in Austin, with the cast and crew, was an absolute dream!  I had been disappointed with horror films over the last few years, and was very reluctant to see this classic horror movie reboot.  All the “don’t kill a classic” clichés were dancing in my head. That being said, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  With this movie, the horror genre has finally caught up with the rest of cinema. This film is truly a sight for sore eyes, both in gore (they used 10,000 gallons of fake blood) and cinematics.  Balance that with a solid storyline and above-par acting, you have a film you can’t miss. Hats off to you Fede, I look forward to your next film!

I am assuming that this will be coming out on DVD and Blu-ray sometime mid-summer.  PLEASE, do yourself a favor and get the Blu-ray.  This is a great looking film that deservers the 1080p treatment.  Maybe when it comes out my wimp friends will watch it.

I give it a solid 8.75 Matt Stars (more on these later)


P.S. If you can still see it in theaters stay after the credits ………….Groovy

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