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Memo to Self: Never Date Jamie Foxx’s Daughter

Electro – “Jamie Foxx has an electrifying new role as one of the villains in the latest “Spider-man” installment as the very creepy Electro. The 46 year-old Oscar winner, who attended the New York premiere with his four year-old daughter Annalise, spoke to FOX411 about playing such a delicious baddie, raising two daughters and his extraordinary career.

FOX411: You have a 20-year-old daughter. How do you deal with boyfriends?

Foxx: You have to be vigilant in the fact that if there’s any guy that wants to occupy your daughter’s time you have to make sure that if he knows he does anything wrong, I’m going to cut his head off, and be literal in that sense. The only reason you do that is because if people feel there’s no consequence they will act out. You love your kids. You protect them as much as you can, and you tell them as much as you can that guys are terrible, guys are the worst and they’re going to tell you that you’re absolutely wrong. “He loves me and you don’t know what you’re talking about. You make me sick!” We’ve had all those conversations.”


Jamie Foxx laying down the law! This is kind of frightening because he seems to be 100% serious. I’ll be the first to say that his daughter is smoking, but is being with her worth getting your head cut off? I say no. I do think getting with Jamie Foxx’s daughter is worth dying for. Reason number one would have to be because there are a lot of hot girls in this world. Most of those hot girls would not carry with them the heavy weight of being beheaded. Reason number two would be because you’d die. If Jamie Foxx cut your head off you would die. I don’t think I have to list any more reasons. Corrine, you’re beautiful, but I need my head for various things. Maybe next time.

– Ryan

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