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POLL: Is “His Airness”, Michael Jordan, Making a Return to the NBA?

Jalen Rose seems to think so. Check out the video below to hear the prediction of all predictions.


PS- This just might be the story to get Tim Tebow and Lebron James off of SportsCenter (At least for one segment).

PSS- Here is Jordan dominating current NBA all-star, O.J. Mayo back in 06. Still got it…at least in 2006 he does.

BuzzFeed Has the Personality of a Wet Mop

grease 2

I’m not really sure how Louis Peltzman (and the rest of BuzzFeed for that matter) sleeps at night. No way this guy can tell a lie so horrendous and not lay awake at night because of his disgustingly dirty conscience. Here are some snippets from the full list of 27.

michelle pfeiffer


Maxwell Caulfield


bowling song

Yeah, no.

any questions

Yeah, Buzzfeed, I got some fucking questions. For one, are you high? Did your mother drop you on your head when you were a child? Do you like to watch the world burn? and lastly, would you like me to come over there and open a can of whoop-ass? Lets take this trash and turn the clocks back 4 years. Let’s revisit the original.


Let’s be honest, Michelle Pfeiffer couldn’t polish Olivia Newton-John’s shoes. Top to bottom Olivia is way hotter, has the voice of a sweet angel, and packs a smile that could melt solid steel.


If you’re looking for a leading man, look no further than John “Matt’s Man Crush” Travolta. This guy has hair that brings women (and men) to their knees, a chin dimple to end all chin dimples. and dance moves that could peel paint off the walls.


Songs about bowling are for pussies. Songs about car racing, fighting people, and banging broads are for MEN.


BuzzFeed, do you have any questions?

:: Drops Microphone ::


Link to the full BuzzFeed article

Grease 2, here is your ONLY redeeming quality. Shooter McGavin plays Goose Mackenzie.



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