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To No One’s Surprise, Jimmy Fallon Killed It On His First Night Hosting ‘The Tonight Show’

It was between this and ‘the history of hip hop dancing’ for my favorite sketch of the night, but anytime you can see an unadvertised Bobby DeNiro you have to relish it. I knew Fallon would kill it as host of The Tonight Show, because that’s what he does: accepts a challenge and knocks it out of the park. It started with SNL, and has translated seamlessly to late night TV hosting. Like most fans, I’m happy to be along for the ride.

– Ryan

Jet Chevrolet Underestimated Just How Much The New York Giants Suck

Source – People in Seattle are geeked about their Seahawks’ success this season, and a possible Super Bowl run. But you could understand if one area car dealership was less than pleased with Sunday’s results.

The Seahawks dismantled the New York Giants in Week 15, 23-0, rallying from a bump-in-the-road loss to the San Francisco 49ers the week before. And perhaps because of that loss, and with the cross-country travel for Sunday’s game, Jet Chevrolet, a dealership in Federal Way, Wash. (25 miles south of Seattle) figured they could offer a promotion that they probably wouldn’t have to make good on.

The deal: Jet Chevy planned to pay out $35,000 to 12 lucky winners if the Seahawks shut out the Giants. Simple as that. So leave it to the Giants to stick it to Jet at MetLife Stadium.


Talk about a horrible idea. The best team in football, with the best defense in football, are playing one of the worst teams in football, who just so happen to have a quarterback who leads the league in interceptions. Of course they got shut out! The Giants are downright awful this year. If Eli Manning has the chance to ruin someone’s day he’s going to do it. Plus, I feel like this deal should have worked the other way around. If you’re a car dealership IN SEATTLE, wouldn’t you want the Seahawks to shutout the Giants? A more sensible bet would have been to dole out prizes if the Giants shutout the Seahawks, which has a negative infinity chance of happening.  Just a mind boggling move by Jet Chevrolet. I don’t know much about car dealerships, but $420,000 is a lot of money, and there’s a 100% chance that every employee is fired by the end of the week. Happy holidays indeed.

– Ryan


Ultimate Showdown – Wally vs. Fred The Bird

wally vs fred

Looks like we have ourselves a little mascot wager. Can’t wait to see what Fred looks like with a beard.


PS- Ryan says: “PostCards. Cool name….NOT”

Why It Sucks To Be A Redskin Fan: Guy Loses Bet, Has To Eat Part Of His Beard

I don’t know why this guy bet on the Redskins and I don’t care. All I know is I expected to see someone eat his beard and I was let down. You lost the bet, so now have to deliver on a promise. Those are the rules of betting. If your beard is 3 feet long and you say you’re gonna eat your beard then I expect you to eat at least half of that beard. Who are these guys friends letting him get away with this? If this guy was one of my friends we’d make him shave the whole thing off then eat it piece by piece. Then we’d make a smoothie out of his tears. Tough love is the only love. I’m glad he’s a Redskins fan, because after a showing like that he deserves to suffer for all of eternity.

– Ryan

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