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I Hate Justin Beiber. HATE

I am just now watching this deposition video. It makes my blood absolutely boil. I could barely get through the entire thing. It took every muscle in my body to not try to jump through the computer screen and choke this dope. I have no words for what I am feeling right now. It would be completely out of character of me to boo someone in public, but I would break character for him. The minute i spotted him I would stop dead in my tracks and boo the shit out of him.



The Talented Guys at “Bad Lip Reading” Are At It Again! (NFL)

These videos get me every time! Bad Lip Reading knows exactly how to tickle my funny bone!


Weekend Time!

Chewbacca Hair

Twitter News Weekly – Miss USA, Starbucks Gun Ban, and Beiber as Robin?

-RyanFoges & MattyV

Step Away From The Stanley Cup, Bieber


This kid gets to go into space and now he’s chillin’ with the cup?! First off dude, please get dressed.  You’re meeting the Stanley Cup, one of the most prestigious awards (the most prestigious is the WWE title) not going to a damn rock concert! Have some class, there are guys who touched that trophy that could snap you in two…with just their beards! Whats that finger your holding up for? Is that the amount of times you want me to kick your ass? BECAUSE I”M HAPP……wow…ok..i’m sorry.  That got a little out of hand. Bieber brings out the worst in me.  Give The Cup a good scrub down after he’s done with it.  Don’t wanna have that Bieber stink on it.


PS- Is that really a customized Blackhawks jersey in the background? What a piece of trash.

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