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If Justin Bieber Ruins Zoolander 2 My Life Will Be A Bowl Of Sadness


If Justin Bieber is in Zoolander 2 it has a legitimate chance to ruin the movie, and that’ saying a lot because I can’t imagine the movie is going to great to begin with. Being great isn’t the point of the movie, though, it’s just a chance to spend some time with some wacky pals from the past. Justin Bieber being in this movie for even a second ruins that time. Bieber has to understand that he’s popular with little girls and that’s it. Don’t try and get into the adult world and into our beloved comedies. Go hang out with your 10 year old fans and leave the big boy stuff to everyone else.

– Ryan


In The Best News You’ll Hear All Day, Billy Zane Is Going To Be In ‘Zoolander 2’

What a glorious announcement from Ben Stiller and company. Billy Zane was sneakily my favorite part of Zoolander, and he was in it for like 45 seconds. He just has a commanding presence on the big screen that makes every movie better. Titanic, Back to the Future, Back to the Future II; what do all those movies have in common? Billy Mother F’N Zane. Now that he’s officially apart of the Zooland sequel, I know it’s going to be great. I don’t care if there’s no plot. Give me Billy Zane and I’m a happy man. I also love how Ben Stiller is basically promoting the entire movie via his Instagram page. Smart boy.

– Ryan

‘Zoolander 2’ Is Officially Official – But Why Male Models?

Everyone’ favorite Mer-Man and his pal Hansel are officially coming back for Zoolander 2, and the usual wariness that accompanies sequel announcements isn’t hitting me for some reason. It’s probably because this movie was so outrageous that I can’t picture them screwing it up. It’s not like they’re trying to do another ‘Armageddon’ and they have to hit all the emotional high points of the original. This is a movie about a couple of male models who are trying to stop a fashion designer from murdering the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Whatever plot they concoct for Zoolander 2 can’t possibly disappoint, and the fact that most of the original cast is coming back, including Will Ferrell, only makes me more excited. With that said, if Billy Zane isn’t in Zoolander 2, we riot.

– Ryan

H/T NY Daily News

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