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Trailer Alert – ‘Zombeavers’, An Actual Movie About Killer Beavers That Turn Into Zombies

I like to pride myself on being able to describe most of what I see on the internet, but after watching this movie trailer four times, I’m still at a loss for words. ‘Zombeavers’ looks like it has some decent production value, which means actual money was put into this thing. It’s got everything you’re used to seeing in a horror movie: pretty girls in bikini’s, brain dead main characters, a secluded setting and beaver dams. You show me a classic horror movie without a beaver dam and I’ll show you a poor excuse for a horror movie. Evil beavers weren’t enough for this movie, though, so not only are the beavers evil and trying to kill everyone, but when the humans kill the beavers, they come back as zombies. I know The Walking Dead gets a lot of viewers every week, but they’d be pretty stupid not to steal a few ideas from this movie. I’m thinking mixing in Walkers and beavers to give the un-dead a little pizzazz. Also, “They’ll Dam You To Hell” might be my favorite movie slogan of all time.

– Ryan

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