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Leave The Memories Alone: WWE Has Released Hornswoggle, Alex Riley & Zeb Colter

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstars Hornswoggle, Alex Riley and Zeb Colter as of Friday, May 6, 2015. WWE wishes them the best in all of their future endeavors –

WWE always does some spring cleaning after WrestleMania, so the only shocking thing about this announcement is that it took so long. Anyone really upset with any of these three releases obviously hasn’t watched WWE in awhile. Colter is the only one who has been on WWE TV recently, as he managed Alberto Del Rio in one of the worst angles I can remember. Alex Riley has been on NXT complaining and then losing to whoever he’s wrestling, and Hornswoggle failed a Wellness test somehow and hasn’t been seen since. More releases will be coming, but for now, hit the music:


A Look At The WWE Network


If you’re like me and still keep tabs on professional wrestling every chance you get, you’ve probably heard a similar question from a friend at some point: isn’t the WWE kind of outdated? My first reaction when I hear this kind of question is to launch into a rant about the continued brilliance of the world’s greatest blend of drama and sport. But when I manage to restrain myself, I realize there is at least some validity to the question.

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