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085 How Deep is It?!

Zach Synder Releases The First Picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman



Khal Drogo can breathe underwater now? Is that what Synder is getting at? Ok, in all seriousness this is quite the badass Aquaman. If you think back to when Vinny Chase played him this is a completely different kind of aquatic superhero. Just a little bit more jacked and a little more scary as fuck. “Unite the Seven” is a clear connection to the Justice League, but I guess could also mean the seven seas. Time will tell.


Zach Synder Released a Sneak Peek at the New Batmobile ::DROOLS::

Batmobile Batman

Here is the next chapter of one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, the Batmobile. Zach Synder tweeted this picture out after some pictures leaked from the set of the Batmobile sitting in a back alley. Though, it didn’t look quite as cool as the picture above. My guess is that this is the way we will be seeing Batman’s super cruiser after all the CGI and color grading, and i’m ok with that.

In honor of this brand new rendition of the Batmobile let’s look back at it’s evolution





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