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Off The Internet & Into Reality: Why The WWE Needs to Make An Internet Championship Belt


Recently, WWE wrestlers Zack Ryder and Adam Rose have been having a “war of words” on Twitter, and I’ve put my two cents into the conversation of “putting the Internet Championship on the line!” when (or if) they actually face each other. While I haven’t heard anything about the Internet Championship being made into an actual title, this should be the feud that introduces it.

If WWE did decide to make an Internet Championship belt, would they keep the current look of the title or would they revamp the title all together? The obvious answer is that they would revamp the belt so 1. Everyone would be able to wear it around their waste and 2. Zach Ryder’s face wouldn’t be on it at all times (although he should get some credit for its creation). The next question that needs to be answered is how and when should the championship be defended? Would it be on pre or post show Raw’s or pay per views? I think it’s a natural fit for NXT, because it’s becoming THE premier wrestling show on the WWE Network and unlike Raw or Smackdown, it isn’t on television.

The WWE spends a lot of their time and money focusing on social media content. They are very active on both Twitter and YouTube, and you would think that they would want an Internet Champion to be the “Face” of their online marketing campaigns, but for some reason they haven’t pulled the trigger. WWE has begun to build minor stories here and there that start or are continued on the internet, but they still haven’t built up enough storylines on the internet that could ultimately end with a feud and title match in the ring. With an “Internet Championship” I believe that not only this could help push WWE online products, but also help in the building of these minor stories that are eventually showcased on television.

The superstars involved with this concept would most likely be the “low” card and “mid” card talents that rarely get used on many of the shows.  If the WWE utilizes the Internet Championship storylines correctly, they can help build up new talents that could eventually transition to bigger feuds on both Raw and Smackdown.

WWE has an active social media presence combined with their ability to constantly push online properties makes creating and sustaining storylines centered on an Internet Championship a smart move. The progression of this championship, the storylines surrounding it and the superstars participating for it will benefit their social media marketing for years to come.

– Jake

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Zach Ryder Has Lost His Mind


This new web series Ryder is working on has got me worried for him. First of all, the title: “Zach Ryder’s Last Rezort”? That sounds like the opening lines to a suicide note. Zach, buddy, calm down over there. I know things haven’t been going well for you in the WWE, but you haven’t faded away. Just keep keeping on. No need to smash your United States Championship. Not sure WWE will want to see that either.


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