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Sasha Banks Getting Emotional Seeing Herself On The WrestleMania Logo Is My Favorite Video From WrestleMania Week

I think my favorite thing about watching all the men and women come up from NXT and be stars is how relatable it is. When I was a kid, I loved wrestling, but a five year old can’t really relate to Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker. They were mesmerizing, sure, but it’s not like I saw myself as an undead zombie biker man. But with people like Kevin Owens or Sasha Banks it’s different. I’m their age, and while I’ll never be a WWE superstar, the feeling of fighting for a dream and accomplishing it is very relatable. That’s why this video is so great. Sasha busted her ass to get to NXT, buster her ass to become the NXT Women’s Champion and THE BOSS, and now she’s in a Diva’s title match at WrestleMania and her face is plastered on the side of AT&T Stadium. I can’t wait for her, Charlotte and Becky to tear the house down, and then the next night on Raw THE BOSS will be the new Women’s Champion.


Postmodern Jukebox Covered ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ & Holy Hell Is It Amazing

If you haven’t listened to Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube, I really don’t know what to tell you at this point. They’re the most diverse and unique music on YouTube, and they never, ever disappoint. Case in point – here is their cover of Sweet Child O’ Mine and it is fantastic. They’ve done everything from NSYNC to Ray Charles to Sam Smith, and it’s always a refreshing take on a classic song. If you enjoy this song and venture onto their YouTube page, be careful, because you might not leave there for a couple days.


I’ve Found the Bob Ross of Cooking Instructional Videos

I’m not even sure what I just watched. His voice and accent was so soothing that I fell asleep at my computer. Now that I have discovered Bruno’s channel I don’t think I will be watching much else from now on. I’m pretty sure that if I watched this bread video and any episode of the Bob Ross show I would slip into a coma never to be heard from again. And i’m ok with that.


The Taiwanese Animation of The Patriots/Broncos Game Might Be The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

The Patriots and Broncos played for the AFC Championship yesterday afternoon, and by now you probably know the Broncos won. Brady was rushed all day, and the Denver pass defense just proved too much for the Patriots offensive line. Out of that game we were treated to this incredible Taiwanese animation, including Rob Gronkowski running like a elementary school Forrest Gump and Peyton Manning getting around with the assistance of a walker. A+ stuff all around.


John Cena Praises Cesaro & Hopes He Gets The Opportunity He Deserves In This Post #RAW Fan Video

I think John Cena speaks for everyone in the world when he says that Cesaro deserves to be in the main event scene in WWE, and hopefully this impromptu promo rallies the powers that be to feel the same way. There isn’t a guy I can think of in the mid or upper card that Cesaro wouldn’t have a great feud with. Lesnar? Rollins? Reigns? Wyatt? Ambrose? Cena? Owens? Neville? Checks all the way around. He’s certainly on the right track, so let’s see what WWE does with him in the coming weeks.

– Ryan

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Human Slingshot Horror Story

I’ll give these guys credit – the first couple try’s looked pretty successful. The initial one kind of looked like the guy was heading right into that giant rock, but he landed safely in the water. The next few try’s looked swell until the human genius aka the guy who put the rope between the human slingshot’s legs inserted himself into the equation. Next thing you know the guy is in the water and he’s got a huge hole in the asshole of his pants. Lesson here kids: if you’re going to be a human slingshot and you’re hoping to have kids/take a shit one day, DON’T put the rope between your legs.

– Ryan


The Little Boy Asking To ‘Pet The Titties’ Because He Can’t Pronounce The Letter ‘K’ Is My New Favorite Person

Little kids with speech impediments for the win. I didn’t know pronouncing your K’s as T’s was a thing but now I that I know it is I want to wrangle up all the kids in the world with this speech problem and surrounding them with a thousand cats. Just have everyone asking me to pet the titties and have the best day of my life. This video is proof that little kids are hilarious and cannot do anything wrong. If I asked someone to pet the titties I’d be in a nice padded cell, but this kid is going to be a YouTube darling for years to come.

– Ryan


Jamie Costa Gives One Of The Best Robin Williams Impressions You’ll Ever Hear

This is epic. As far as impressions go, this is as spot on as it gets. Jamie Costa nails every single Robin Williams role to a T, and it’s also kind of freaky because Jamie looks like a young Robin Williams too. Williams passed last August, and I have to imagine a lot of these kind of tributes will be pouring out from to time since he had such a huge impact on so many lives and careers. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be watching this video all day today while weeping into my pillow.

– Ryan

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