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China Built A 1,640 Foot Glass Slide On The Side Of A Mountain & NOPE

I’ll admit the view from the top of this slide is amazing. If you’re going to go through the trouble of flying all the way to China you might as well do something badass like take in that view, but there is no way in hell I’m going down that slide. First of all, it must take you FOREVER to reach the bottom. At a certain point you’re no longer a thrill seeker. You’re just a person stuck on a slide. Second of all, I’m sure China has some fantastic engineers but I get the feeling they really don’t give a shit if somebody flies off the side of this slide. There’s almost 1.5 billion people that live there. Do you think the government cares if a few fall of a slide and into a never ending crevasse? I doubt it. Breathtaking view? Sure. Bottomless fall to your death? Might as well be a certainty.


H/T Travel & Leisure

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