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Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy Are Feuding On Twitter & Now All I Want Is To See Them In An Insane Backyard Wrestling Match


For those of you who have no idea what’s happening, let me catch you up. Matt Hardy is an insane ‘broken’ man who wanted to ‘delete’ (murder) his brother Jeff. They had an insane backyard wrestling match at Matt’s compound (his actual house) that was probably the best segment TNA has run in years. It wasn’t necessarily ‘good’, but it was crazy and Matt went all in on this character so you have to give them credit. Bray Wyatt, a cult leader who lives in a swamp, challenged the New Day to come to his compound (probably not his actual house) so he could fight them. It looked A LOT like the segment that Matt Hardy did, so people are now calling Bray a copy cat, and a bad one at that, since Hardy’s segment was admittedly a whole lot better. Bray jumped on Twitter to refute this claim, and it’s really fun to watch two good performers stay in character and feud on Twitter. All I want from this is Wyatt to show up to Hardy’s compound and burn his house down. Make this happen now.

Bray Wyatt Was Injured At A WWE Live Event Last Night & The World Is A Cruel, Terrible Place

WWE confirmed that Bray Wyatt suffered a right calf injury in the match with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns tonight in Italy. As noted, the injury came when Wyatt was backing out of the corner after the referee’s 4 count. He slipped on the mat, landed bad and was unable to continue. A correspondent in attendance called it a freak accident.

WWE wrote the following:

Bray Wyatt suffered a right calf injury on Wednesday, has learned. The injury came during Wyatt’s match on the first Live Event of WWE’s European tour in Milan, Italy.

We will keep you updated on Wyatt’s status.

– via Wrestling Inc.

angry tea

God damn it. If you’ve watched the last two Raw’s, hopefully you’ve noticed a shift in character for THE most underutilized guy on the roster, Bray Wyatt. On the Raw after WrestleMania, Wyatt and his Family attacked the League of Nations, a heel faction. On this past Monday’s Raw, Wyatt tagged with the sweet handsome prince Roman Reigns in the main event, and even secured the winning pin fall. The crowd loved him both times, and it finally seemed WWE got the memo that Wyatt was too charismatic and unique to be a heel, so they let him do his thing and let the crowd be enamored with him. But since we can’t have nice things, Wyatt got hurt at a stupid live event last night, and it was one of those non contact injuries that haunt my dreams. Whenever something is described as a ‘freak accident’, it’s never a good thing, but I really hope Wyatt isn’t seriously hurt. It seems like they’re positioning him to chase the title after the Styles/Reigns feud, so maybe giving him a few weeks off to have him fresh for Extreme Rules wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. If he is seriously hurt, I’m going to light myself on fire.



Your Average WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

Hell in a Cell is Sunday in Dallas. You can watch it on the WWE Network for a previously agreed upon undisclosed sum of money. Let’s get to the predictions.

Paige vs. AJ Lee (C) – WWE Divas Championship Match

               if an AJ match is on the card, this GIF is being used. DEAL WITH IT

I was really excited for this feud when it first started, because it matched up two evenly athletic and skilled performers with a basic storyline: they each want to be champion. Over the past few weeks (and maybe longer) it’s developed into a weird three way feud with Alicia Fox that culminated in a terrible match on Raw where Paige hit Alicia Fox then distracted AJ to help Fox win. I still think they’ll have a good match Sunday, but I don’t’ think it’s too much to ask to have a decent build so the viewers are already invested in both wrestlers before the match starts.

Winner: this could go either way, because neither has any momentum. I’m picking Paige to dethrone the champ mostly because I love her finisher.

Nikki Bella vs. Brie Bella – Loser has to be the winner’s assistant for a month

the bella twins nikki bella gif

Remembering better times

This match might be a stinker. I hope it’s not, but I also don’t have a ton of faith in the Bella Twins carrying a match that only involves the Bella Twins. Nikki looked great at Night of Champions, but I have to imagine some of that had to do with sharing the ring with AJ and Paige. If there’s one indicator of how poorly this feud has been built up, it has to be the fact that no one knew of this stipulation until WWE formally announced it.

Winner: Nikki Bella. John Cena never loses.

Big Show vs. Rusev – Grudge Match

You were warned, Big Show. Rusev is becoming one of my favorite characters, and he’s doing it in the best way possible. He is a heel in every sense of the word, but he’s so good at it, that it’s becoming tough to root against him. You still have the USA/Russia aspect in all his feuds, so for now he’ll never be cheered, but people will pay to see him get beat up. He’s also making logical and important progressions. When he was first introduced we never heard from him. His intentions were solely translated through Lana. Then he would speak briefly, but only in Russian. Now, he’s mixing in the Russian with what seems like the only English words he knows: groin, kill, crush you. It’s fantastic. His in ring style has progressed, too. He’s utilizing dropkicks more than ever, and his super kick is a great setup for The Accolade. The Big Show, on the other hand, will have to die for his country.

Winner: Rusev. He gets a big win over a giant, and not only does he continue to prove himself to be a great talent, but no one questions if he’s a racist after only beating the black wrestlers.

Sheamus (C) vs. The Miz – US Championship Match

I have a fever, and the only prescription is more DAMIEN MIZDOW. It’s impossible not to love what Damien Sandow is doing with what was a throwaway character. Miz is doing some of the best weasel heel work of his career, but he looks like an amateur compared to Sandow. It’s only of matter of time before WWE realizes what they have in Sandow and give him his Alex Riley on a larger scale moment with The Miz. Add in the fact that no one is more stale and in need of a heel turn right now than Sheamus, and I think you have the perfect recipe for a title change.

Winner: The Miz, with the help of Mizdow, which eventually leads to a Mizdow/Miz US title feud that I’m already extremely excited about.

Gold/Stardust vs. The Uso’s – Tag Team Championship Match

I Really Don't Care

This should not be my reaction when Cody Rhodes and Goldust are in the same match together. Look what you’ve done to me, WWE! WWE has so much talent, yet they insist on giving us the same feuds over and over and over again. I was sick of the Uso’s after the Wyatt’s feud, which they definitely should have lost. I’m doubly sick of them now that they finally lost their tag titles yet continue to get title shots. If you like the Uso’s and think I’m crazy, watch the match Sunday and count how many moves they don’t do that include them A. slapping their leg for a kick or B. jumping over the top rope. It’s the same song and dance every time, and nowadays that’s not going to get it done. Meanwhile, Gold and Stardust are on another level with their character work. A fresh feud for these two would blow people away.

Winner: Gold/Stardust. Which leads to a feud with literally any other tag team. I’m not picky. Give me anyone.

Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Cesaro – 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the IC Title

This is how one of the falls should end. Ziggler goes for his big DDT, and Cesaro says NOPE and uppercuts him to death and Neutralizes his lifeless body. This is the match I’m looking forward to the most for two reasons: I love both guys, and won’t be disappointed with the outcome either way. 2. Ziggler and Cesaro’s styles mesh perfectly. Cesaro is a monster and never has a bad match, but his best matches are against the guys who aren’t afraid to let him work a little stiff and really sell his moves. Did you see that uppercut he beat Ziggler with on Raw? That’s 50% Cesaro executing the move perfectly and 50% Ziggler selling like a badass. WWE hasn’t really built this match up that well, which goes for pretty much every match on the card, but there’s no doubt this will be the match of the night. I expect it to go all three falls…

Winner: Ziggler. As much as I love Cesaro, WWE still doesn’t know what to do with him. Why give him the IC title unless you plan on having him to do something with it?

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell

I like this feud a lot, even though Ambrose has gone a little bonkers lately, and not in a good way. Their previous matches have been great, and this should be no different. Another plus is that neither of these guys have been in a Hell in a Cell match, and with their creativity, they should develop some interesting spots. I believe this match will be a transitional match, as both guys should move on to a different feud. Rollins planted the seeds of his beef with Orton on Raw after he Curb Stomped him, and there’s only one reason for Dean Ambrose to move on from his feud with Rollins: because someone else gets in his way. Which leads me to…

Winner: Seth Rollins, with the help of Bray Wyatt. No, Wyatt will not align himself with The Authority of Rollins. He’s simply set his sites on Dean Ambrose. I think Wyatt comes back Sunday after weeks and weeks of video packages hyping his return, and he gets inside the cell a la Kane during the inaugural Cell match and destroys Ambrose. Has anyone else noticed Ambrose has become a little John Cena-eque lately? There’s been less vicious crazy Ambrose and more stupid crazy Ambrose, and that’s something the Bray Wyatt character does not agree with.  I hope that WWE reintroduces Wyatt into a main event feud, and not one centered around a mid card title. His character is too complicated and unique to have his actions justified only by wins and losses for a title. This should be a great match with an even greater ending.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton – Hell in a Cell – Winner is the #1 Contender For the World Title


All jokes aside, I would love for Randy Orton to win this match. As the wonderful people at With Spandex pointed out, if Orton wins, this sets up two equally great scenarios. Scenario 1 see’s Lesnar come back for Survivor Series and fight Orton in his hometown of St. Louis. Orton will clearly be the crowd favorite, and this match could be the start of a baby face turn for him. While he probably loses to Lesnar, at least it’s a fresh matchup for Brock, and they can easily have Orton outsmart Brock throughout the match and have both guys look strong by the end of the night. Scenario 2, which would be my favorite scenario, has Orton win but Brock doesn’t show up until the Rumble to defend his title. In the meantime, with Reigns and Bryan on the shelf, and Ambrose entangled in a Bray Wyatt feud, Orton becomes the baby face challenger to Lesnar by feuding with uber heel Seth Rollins. They have a series of great matches at Survivor Series and TLC, and Orton finally leaves The Authority and becomes an anti establishment good guy, which sets up the matchup of The Authority’s current champion versus their former face of the company. Tell me you wouldn’t watch Orton being the cool good guy who RKO’s people from OUTTA NOWHERE. I sure would. The opposite end of this spectrum? John Cena wins, and fights Brock Lesnar. Again.

Winner: Randall Keith Orton. Bet the house on it.

– Ryan

The Wyatt Family’s Entrance in WWE 2K15 Is AMAZING

Yes I used all capital letters in the title, because this is the most lifelike entrance of any WWE video game that I can remember. One of the cooler things about the Wyatt Family is everything they do OUTSIDE of the matches. Their promo videos, backstage promos and entrance are so unique that it makes them stand out from any other wrestler. WWE 2K15 promised to be the greatest graphical game ever, and from what I’ve seen so far, they are right. I’m buying this game, because there is no such thing as having too much wrestling to watch/play, and I will probably never be anyone else besides Bray Wyatt. Excuse me while I watch this video a thousand more times.

– Ryan


Survivor Series is this Weekend


No big deal, but we are actually attending……LIVE FROM BOSTON, MASS! Look for live Tweets (@AverageNobodfies), Vines (@AverageNobodies), and blogs from the event!

– The Average Nobodies

The Wyatt Family Is Coming…

I’ve done my best to limit the wrestling talk on Average Nobodies because I know a lot of people don’t get as excited as I do for Monday Night Raw. But tonight marks the debut of a brand new faction in the WWE, the Wyatt Family. Imagine bartender Bill Paxton serving George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and myself tequilla shots followed by an hour long fake wrestling match. That’s how excited I am for these guys. A breathe of fresh air and a shot in the arm to the wrestling industry. Tune into the USA Network at 8pm tonight and thank me tomorrow. They’re coming.

– Ryan

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