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Today We Remember 9/11 With Vince McMahon and the WWE

For all the brave men and women in America and serving around the world, and to the civil servants that protect our streets everyday, we here at the Average Nobodies say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. American may not be perfect, but it is home. We will never forget the unity in America the days after 9/11, and neither should you, that is the strength that America is built on.

-MattyV & RyanFoges


BuzzFeed Has Lost My Respect…Forever


In a recent BuzzFeed post they were comparing things that Miley Cyrus looks like. I was all smiles for the post until I reached number 17. “Those wrestling dudes”? BuzzFeed, you just lost all credibility in my eyes. “those wrestling dudes”, which you might know or not, are actually the great HBK and HHH. Straighten up kid, you look like an idiot.


PS- God help you if Vince finds out. Lawsuit city. Why? and on what grounds? Because he is Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and on the grounds that he wants to.

My Favorite Summerslam Moment – Summerslam 2000 1st Ever TLC Match for the WWF Tag Team Championship

For the past 25 years, Summerslam has been WWE’s biggest party of the summer. It’s been the showcase for many memorable moments and matches, including Macho Man’s wedding to Miss Elizabeth and the Ultimate Warrior’s first WWF title, a 31 second defeat of then Intercontinental champion “The Honkey Tonk Man”. Perhaps no superstar has a better Summerslam résumé than Bret Hart. The Hitman was a participant in three of the most memorable Summerslam matches of all-time: vs. his brother Owen Hart in a steel cage in ’94, vs. Mr. Perfect for the IC title in ’91, and vs. his brother in law, The British Bulldog, in ’92. The latter of those three has been dubbed the greatest Summerslam moment ever, mostly due to the “family feud” angle leading up to the pay per view and the venue (Wembley Stadium in London, Bulldog’s home country). While their match at SS ’92 was definitely a classic, I went down a different route for my favorite match at the summer classic. The year is 2000, and the WWE is operating at an all time high. The Rock, Kurt Angle, HHH, Stone Cold and The Undertaker are dominating the main event scene, but the consistent show stealing matches are coming from the tag team division. Summerslam 2000 would be no different. Although HHH vs. The Rock vs. Kurt Angle for the WWF championship was the main event, the match people would be talking about was for the tag team titles. The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and The Hardys would compete in the first ever TLC match, and the rest, as they say, is history.

– ryanfoges

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