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WWE Is Confiscating Cesaro Signs Because Why Let Your Best Wrestler Get Over?

King of SwingLong time reader and fan here. I was in section 105 and the same guy that always hands out Cesaro signs was there in an El Generico mask. He always hands out the “Cesaro Section” signs but today he handed out “King of Wrestling” signs with Cesaro’s face on it. Security came by during the match and took all the signs. We asked them why and they said, “You don’t need to know why” and “we’re just doing was we’re told.”

It reminded me of the guy who had his Nitro signs taken recently. They seemed to also be on sharper alert concerning inappropriate or off color signs, as they made people mark out the writing or turn in any signs with “sucks” on it.

Aksana Antonio Cesaro animated GIF

My poor Cesaro. My sweet, poor Cesaro. I don’t understand WWE logic sometimes. They continue to give Cena main event match after main event match because they say they have no other viable baby face, yet you take away the signs from the crowd when people try to support another wrestler. That doesn’t make much sense. Everything about Cesaro screams “good guy”. He’s a powerhouse who can have the best match of the night with a guy like Sheamus; he can match quickness with a guy like Rollins; he can match the technical prowess of a guy like Daniel Bryan: he speaks five languages and could be a worldwide ambassador for the WWE. What else would you like this guy to do? Why not let the crowd dictate who they want to see in the main event? It worked for Daniel Bryan, so why wouldn’t it work for fellow Indy wrestler Cesaro? WWE has a superstar in Cesaro, and I hope that they realize it sooner rather than later.

– Ryan


TNA Half Heartedly Called Out WWE Last Night After Fans Complained About the Main Event

Look at TNA. Promoting Samsung and taking a shot at the competition all in the same tweet! Was the main event of Night of Champions WWE’s greatest moment? It was not, but it advanced the storyline. WWE fans would have been mad no matter what happened last night, whether Cena won the title or Brock won clean again. The good thing about last night is that WWE can take the World Heavyweight title picture in many different directions. Cena could challenge Lesnar again at Hell in a Cell, Rollins could become the new #1 contender, Cena could feud with Rollins because he cost him his rematch, which leaves the door open for anyone to challenge Lesnar. It wasn’t the greatest main event in history, but WWE fans need to be a little more realistic with their expectations. It’s not 1999 anymore; The Rock and Stone Cold aren’t walking through those doors to light the world on fire. And I’ve got some news for you: if you didn’t like that main event, tune into TNA on Wednesday and let me know what you think, because if you thought last night was bad, TNA will undoubtedly take those expectations and slam them through the floor. Unless you love funeral parlor segments. Then TNA is the show for you.

– Ryan

Your Average WWE Night of Champions Predictions

WWE Night of Champions is this Sunday. You can watch it on the WWE Network for 999 pennies. Here are our predictions:

Divas Title Match: Paige (C) vs. Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee

You really expect me to root against AJ? Nikki could win because of the Total Divas tie in, but this AJ/Paige feud really needs to start progressing. They’re both super talented, and a title change would give Paige an added edge instead of skipping around mimicking AJ every Monday night. Hopefully Brie costs Nikki the match allowing AJ to tap out Paige and I will just keep watching this GIF forever and ever.

United States Championship Match: Sheamus (C) vs. Cesaro


Of all the matches on this card, this is the one that needs a “double switch”. Cesaro is a natural baby face, and Sheamus is a natural bad guy. Cesaro can go blow for blow with the big guys, and match the athleticism of the smaller guys. Plus that giant swing is awesome and it won’t come back until he’s done being a heel. Sheamus might have been pushed too hard too quickly, but he was 1 million times better as a heel. I don’t think a loss hurts either guy here, but the basis for a switch in both characters in necessary. I see Sheamus winning cheaply.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Dolph Ziggler (C) vs. Miz


Besides Cesaro, Ziggler is probably my favorite guy on the main roster right now. But after reading With Spandex’s predictions for this Sunday, I have to go with The Miz. How amazing would it be to have Miz show up on Raw Monday night with the IC title and Damien Mizdow with a toy title? That picture in my head gives me so much joy, that I’m actually rooting Miz to win now.  The Era of Awesomeness begins (again).

Tag Team Championship Match: The Uso’s (C) vs. Gold & Stardust


There are a lot of title matches on this card. It’s almost like it’s the…Night of Champions. Sorry about that. I’m personally growing tired of the Uso’s. Every match they have starts and ends the same way, and while they’re incredibly gifted athletes, it’s time for a heel tag team to own the belts. While I wanted it to be Harper and Rowan, I’ll settle for the bizarre brothers. They’ve finally gained some momentum now that they’ve turned to the dark side, and I’m excited to see what they can do as champions.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

Cowboy Bob Orton Randy Orton animated GIF

Give me back the Legend Killer. That is the only Randy Orton I am interested in. Slow, methodical, go over the same point two thousand times Randy Orton does nothing for the WWE. But Legend Killer Randy Orton? Legend Killer Randy Orton is motivated, focused and can have a great match with just about anyone. Maybe even tweak the character a little bit and have him go after the younger guys trying to take his spot. Just a sadistic, maniacal, gifted wrestler. Have him get rid of Jericho (since he’s leaving anyway) and then slowly stalk the new blood coming trying to come in and main event. That’s the Randy Orton I’m interested in watching.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins


It’s weird that they already had this match on Raw, especially since they ended it with Roman scoring a clean win. The general consensus on the internet is that Dean Ambrose will return and maim Seth Rollins. I can see that happening. What would the point of Roman beating Seth clean again be? And there’s no way Seth is beating Roman clean. I say have Ambrose attack Rollins during his entrance while Reigns continually cocks his fist in the ring un fazed by his surroundings.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Brock Lesnar (C) vs. John Cena

Brock Lesnar Powerbombs Spike Dudley forever

Brock SHOULD beat Cena decisively again. It doesn’t have to be a massacre like at Summerslam, but he absolutely needs to win clean. A cheap win keeps Cena in the title picture and gives us months worth of promo’s about how Brock had to cheat to win even though he already KILLED HIM AT SUMMERSLAM. I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t see any scenario in which Cena wins this match. Lesnar should be built to be unstoppable until you have someone who can stop him. And that “someone” should not be the guy he just murdered a month ago.


We’ll be live tweeting from @averagenobodies for the duration of the pay per view, so jump on Twitter and enjoy the show!

– The Average Nobodies


At WWE Night of Champions, Brock Lesnar Will Defend His Title Against…John Cena :(


Well this is creative. You have a guy beat the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania then maul John Cena at Summerslam to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in subsequent matches, basically building him up like no other villain before, and then you make his next match against John Cena again. Talk about a let down. If the reports of Lesnar disappearing for a few months after NOC are true, then making his first title defense be against John Cena is a huge mistake. Why not use this perfect scenario to build a future superstar? Whoever Lesnar fights next he should beat, but at this point any wrestler on the roster who gives Lesnar a competitive title match would receive an enormous boost. Lesnar beating Cena again proves nothing. Cena wasn’t hurt at Summerslam. He got beaten by an alpha male. It’s easy to bash on the WWE, but how can you not after they put on such a great pay per view and then resort back to the same old storytelling just two days later. My only hope is that HHH announced this on Main Event, so maybe in the coming weeks Cena will defer his shot to someone else, or maybe he accepts and wins the title and I set myself on fire.

– Ryan

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