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Bray Wyatt Won The Elimination Chamber & Is Your New WWE Champion #WWEChamber

If you didn’t catch last night’s Elimination Chamber pay per view, you missed out on a landmark moment for one of WWE’s rising star and in my opinion, it’s greatest character. Bray Wyatt outlasted The Miz, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, John Cena and AJ Styles to become the WWE Champion in the main event, pinning Cena and Styles to pickup the win. This is inexplicably Wyatt’s first singles title in the WWE, and it’s hard to think of someone more deserving. While guys like Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Owens & Styles have won titles during their brief singles careers, Wyatt has been relegated to a frustrating pattern of stop and start pushes. He’s carried WrestleMania season feuds with John Cena and The Undertaker, only to lose on the big stage and be sent back to the mid card. Last night he finally grabbed the brass ring, and he did it by himself. There was no assistance from Luke Harper or Randy Orton or a surprise return from Erick Rowan; it was just Wyatt, in his all glory, Sister Abigailing himself to championship gold. While anything could happen between now and WM, the smart and logical story is going to be Orton/Wyatt for the title in one of the main events, so Bray Wyatt should go into WrestleMania as the defending WWE Champion.


For The First Time In History, The WWE Champion Will Defend His Title As An Entrant In The Royal Rumble Match #WWE

I figured putting that tweet by Lance Storm would clear up any confusion people had with the headline, since yes, this is technically the first time the reigning WWE Champion is entering the Royal Rumble match with his title on the line. Ric Flair won the ’92 Rumble and the title, but as Mr. Serious Lance Storm points out, the title was vacant at the time. The development is part of the ongoing Authority/Roman Reigns angle, and I like it a lot. The WWE roster has been decimated by injuries at the worst possible time, so how do you make the Royal Rumble match more interesting? Make it for the WWE Championship. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few weeks we find out that Reigns has drawn the #1 entry (or another very low number) which would stack the odds even higher against him. So now that we know the stipulation, who will be the winner? I think if WWE is serious about pushing Reigns (which come on, they are) they have him lose the Rumble and earn a shot back at the title at WrestleMania. The only two people I can think of that WWE is willing to put in the main event of Mania against Reigns would be HHH and Brock Lesnar. They both have their reasons; HHH could return to avenge his beat down and Reigns terrorizing his family over the last few weeks & Lesnar could return to get back his title, which he never really lost. We’ll know after next week if Lesnar is going to enter the Rumble (which I’m 100% sure he will now that it’s for the title) and then the pieces will start to fall together. Either way, this year’s Royal Rumble and the next few weeks of WWE TV should be great.


Insane Instagram Comments: Seth Rollins

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Sunset on the Mississippi. #nofilter

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For those of you that don’t know, Seth Rollins is a professional fake wrestler, and also happens to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s a cross fit machine that has more abs muscles than I have muscles in general. He also seems like a pretty cool guy outside the ring, and posts pictures of sunsets on the Mississippi River. Why a picture of a sunset triggered someone to type “YOU FART IN ELEVATORS” is something I will never know, nor do I want to figure out why. The comments section of a famous person’s Instagram is a dangerous place. With Rollins social media history (nice dick), I’m actually surprised at how tame the comments are. Maybe the commenters are getting soft? Maybe they’ve lost their edge? Well I won’t have it. I have a blogging reputation to uphold and I need more insanity. Give me insane Instagram comments or give me death.

– Ryan

Seth Rollins Threw Out The First Pitch At The Orioles Game Yesterday & Made Me Feel Pretty Good About Myself

Seth Rollins is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He’s the present and future of the WWE, an incredible athlete and pretty much living his dream. WWE Payback was in Baltimore last night, so Rollins threw out the first pitch at the Orioles game yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t the worst pitch I’ve ever seen, but I now know that I can do something better than Seth Rollins, and it feels pretty damn good. I’m not a major league pitcher, but I can throw a baseball pretty well. Seth Rollins, on the other hand, doesn’t seem like he has the skill set to make a throw from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. He can do a standing backflip and a 450 splash from the top rope, but he can’t throw a baseball as good as me. Which one is more impressive? On second thought, don’t answer that question.

– Ryan

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