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ICP Giving Props to Tyler The Creator is the Least Surprising Thing Iv’e Heard, and I Love It

Tyler The Creator is pretty much everything ICP loves in new artists. Self-made, independent, and not giving a good fuck what other people, and labels, think of him. I’m obviously a huge fan of both (as you probably already know) and a collaboration would be AWESOME SAUCE.


PS- Say what you want about ICP but they call it how it is. No filter.

Jonah Hill Will Host the 2nd SNL Of 2014

Source – “Saturday Night Live” is kicking off 2014 with new shows beginning Jan. 18.

As previously announced by the Peacock, Drake will have double-duty during the Jan. 18 broadcast of the latenight program, serving as both host and musical guest. While Drake has performed on “SNL” before, this will be his first time hosting the live show.

On Jan. 25, Jonah Hill will return to “SNL” for the third time as host while his latest pic, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” heads deep into Oscar season. Hill will be joined by musical guest Bastille.

“Saturday Night Live” is produced in association with Broadway Video. The creator and executive producer is Lorne Michaels.


Woof. We learned during the final SNL of 2013 that Drake would be the host and musical guest on SNL’s inaugural episode of 2014. Now we know the host for the second episode, and it’s a doozy. Hill has really transformed himself since stepping into the spotlight with Superbad. He was fantastic in Moneyball (nominated for an Oscar), a scene stealer in Django Unchained, hilarious in This is the End and from pretty much everyone’s account was amazing in Wolf of Wall Street. This will be his third time hosting SNL, so let’s see what the man’s made of. I’m rooting for him to kick some sketch comedy ass.

– Ryan

Tamale Tuesday – Tyler, The Creator

Last night Tyler debuted the video of his song “Tamale”. The track comes off of his newest album, Wolf. I saw him perform this high energy song live and it great to see what his visual interpretation of it is. Not to mention this video looks like it was a blast to make. Loud colors and a twisted sense of humor are two of Tyler’s trademarks and this video is a perfect translation of that. Enjoy


PS- The end goes into his song, “Answer”. With none other than Pharrell Williams on the drums.

PSS- I can’t stop watching this video.

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