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Music Monday: Sam Smith – How Will I Know (Whitney Houston Cover)

Sam Smith hopped onto my radar earlier this year when he was the musical guest for Louis C.K.’s second stint as host of SNL, especially with his live version of ‘Stay With Me’. Now he’s crossing over into the cover song game, and if this version of ‘How Will I Know’ is any indication, he’ll be fantastic.

– Ryan

It’s a Given Ron Burgundy Shows Up on SNL This Week, Right?


I wrote yesterday how the world is on the brink of Ron Burgundy overload. Every time you turn on a late night talk show or commercial, there he is, mispronouncing words or having a staring contest with a horse. I’d be happy if Ron Burgundy went away for a few weeks, and then reemerged Christmas morning for the whole world to see on the big screen. Well, maybe not disappear completely. This Saturday Paul Rudd (Brian Fantana) is hosting Saturday Night Live. I fully expect Rudd to plug the new Anchorman movie, which has already proved it’s willing to promote itself in any way possible. My question is this: is it possible to reference Anchorman without including the movie’s leading man, who also happens to be one of SNL’s most notable alumni? Since we were forced to sit through all those Dodge commercials, the least Ferrell can do is reward us with a Ron Burgundy performance at studio 8H. A Sean Connery celebrity jeopardy wouldn’t hurt, either.

– Ryan

Ron Burgundy Overload Continues: ‘Anchorman’ Does An Actual Newscast In North Dakota

I can’t wait for Anchorman 2. There’s a 99% chance it’s going to be great and we can live happily ever after. There’s also a 99% chance that the world will be sick of Ron Burgundy by the time December 25th rolls around. Talk show appearances. Car Commercials. Newscast spots. Anchorman 2 trailers. Ron Burgundy has been in all of these things, and the movie is still over three weeks away! I can’t imagine how many Anchorman trailers and Dodge commercials we’ll see during the week the movie comes out. Will Ferrell is the man. Ron Burgundy is a legend. But maybe it’s time he goes away for a few weeks. It’ll be that much sweeter when we see him again on the big screen.

– Ryan

Ron Burgundy Sang Mayor Rob Ford’s Re-election Campaign Song on Conan Last Night.. And it Was Awesome

Give Ron Burgundy a double segment on late night TV and he’ll turn it into gold. The best part of his appearance on Conan was the Rob Ford re election campaign song bit. “Working for the Weekend” is actually a great choice for his new campaign. I can’t think of what’s weirder: Ron Burgundy singing a mayor’s campaign song or Rob Ford actually running a re election campaign. I guess if there’s one person who can restore Rob Ford’s good name, it’s Ron Burgundy and his sweet jazz flute.

– Ryan

Great Lincoln’s Beard: Ron Burgundy Is Writing A Memoir

“Ron Burgundy’s “classy” life story will soon be coming to book shelves. A memoir about San Diego’s fictional Action 4 News Team anchor was announced on Wednesday to coincide with the upcoming release of “Anchorman: The Legend Continues,” a sequel to the 2004 hit comedy starring Will Ferrell, “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.” “Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings” will chronicle Burgundy’s beginnings, from his early childhood to his rise as a star journalist. No topics are off limits, including Burgundy’s many love conquests and his beloved dog, Baxter. “The list of legendary American broadcast news journalists is short: Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, and, of course, Ron Burgundy,” said Mauro Di Preta, vice president and editor-in-chief at the memoir’s publishing house, Crown Archetype. “The printed page will allow Ron to tell his story in a much more intimate way. ‘Let Me Off at the Top!’ will be a classic for years to come.” “Burgundy” also has high hopes for the memoir. “I don’t know if it’s the greatest autobiography ever written. I’m too close to the work,” Burgundy said in a press release, adding,”I will tell you this much: The first time I sat down and read this thing…I cried like a goddamn baby, and you can take that to the bank!” “Let Me Off at the Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings” will be released in digital and print formats on Nov. 19.” – CBS News


Will Ferrell and company sure do know how to build anticipation for a movie. Apparently the book, titled Let Me Off At The Top! My Classy Life and Other Musings, will document Ron Burgundy’s entire life, from childhood to his exploits as an anchorman. I have a feeling we’ve seen the last of Will Ferrell until Anchorman premieres December 20th. He’s 100% Ron Burgundy now. While I can’t see many other movies adopting this type of marketing strategy, one thing is for sure: no one transforms themselves into the characters they play better than Will Ferrell.

– Ryan

Ryan’s Even Better Music Monday – Mumford & Sons – Hopeless Wanderer Parody

This is easily the funniest and most disturbing music video you’ll ever see. Anytime you can get Ed Helms, Jason Sudekis, Jason Bateman and Will Forte on the same stage, you get a certain kind of magic. The best part about this video is how similar it is to an actual Mumford & Sons music video (minus the making out). Speaking of the french kiss sequence, if it’s wrong to watch Jaaon Sudekis and Will Forte make out, then I don’t wanna be right.

– Ryan

P.S. Proof positive that Will Forte is so underrated it hurts. MacGruber has it.

P.P.S. Mumford & Sons actually hired Sudekis, Forte, Helms and Bateman to impersonate them. All kinds of awesome.

Will Smith is a BUM

According to an interview with New York Daily News, director Roland Emmerich explained that Will Smith would not be returning for the Independence Day sequel (due out in 2015) because he simply costs too much. “Will Smith can not come back because he’s too expensive, but he’d also be too much of a marquee name,” the filmmaker said. -Film School Rejects

Hey Will Smith, Fuck you and the overpriced horse you rode in on.  Independence Day, the movie that is about as “Red, White and Blue” as you can get, is getting a sequel.  Thank the good lord! I thought for a minute that there would never be another movie where America saves the world from an alien invasion…….. All kidding aside, I loved Independence Day.  Nothing gives me a stars and stripes boner more than listening to Bill Pullman give his “Independence” speech out of the back of a pickup truck.  That’s all-star American hero stuff.  The hiccup in the production of the new one is that Will Smith is “too expensive” to get for the sequel.  Really Will? You’re gonna do us like that?  I think after having to suffer through your last few movies you would throw us a freakin’ bone here.  Reunite with Goldblum and save America again. Actually, on second though, I’m glad that he won’t be back, this gives Paxton a chance at saving the sequel from a possible flop at the box office. Listen up, Emmerich, this is how we transition.  Movie opens, Goldblum and Paxton find Will using and beating his wife…again.  Goldblum pulls out a .45 and blows his head off.  Kill off Will, problem solved.

God Dammit, i’m good.


P.S. I imagine this is the producers reaction when he got Will Smith’s price for the second movie.

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