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Trailer Alert – Bright

Getting Will (we are on a first name basis…he just doesn’t know it) back in the role of one half of a buddy cop team is a great thing. It’s his bread and butter. So, while I wait for Bad Boys 3, this will have to do. The trailer certainly does a good job of getting my interested–Honestly, it had me at that scary fucking fairy trying to get in the bird feeder. Love weird shit like that. I think the main reason ‘Suicide Squad’ failed (to a degree) was because Will Smith needs to be in a lead role. Him as Deadshot was awesome, but his celebrity threw off the balance of the film. Him back in a leading role is what’s best for business and Netflix gets that.


Is Deathstroke in the new Batman Movie?!

BEN AFFLECK! You Dog, you! Just a normal shitty-ass Monday morning and then good-guy Ben Affelck comes from the clouds (thanks,Barstool) with this bombshell! If there’s tanythingthat can bring the DCU back, it’s Slade Mother-fucking Wilson.


What does this mean for the upcoming Hush inspired Batflick? Let’s discuss. Comment below!


Ps- Comic Book Twitter is going full savage.


Trailer Alert – Suicide Squad

One of the best things about award shows is that movie studios usually break open their wallets and debut some new footage during the commercial breaks. Last night was the MTV Movie Awards, and with that came a new, extended look at Suicide Squad. I haven’t seen Batman vs. Superman yet, but I’m glad that Suicide Squad looks more like ‘Deadpool’ than ‘Batman vs. Superman’. Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale pulled off the perfect dark, brooding superhero movie, and I don’t think we’re far enough removed from that trilogy to embrace a similar film. I think that’s why Deadpool did so well both financially and critically. It was fun and self deprecating, and I think that’s something that a lot of fans can get behind. I understand that people invest a lot of time and money into these movies, but a lot of the time there is nothing worse than multi millionaire actors and directors taking themselves too seriously. Suicide Squad just looks like a ton of fun, and I’m pumped to watch the likes of Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Joel Kinnaman take on the human psychopath Jared Leto. Spectacular cast, fun plot and a whole lot of action is going to equal a shit ton of money at the box office this summer.


Trailer Alert – Suicide Squad

Ok, I think the choice of song in this trailer is blinding my judgment, but this looks incredible. I always knew DC had it in them. It only took Christopher Nolan to change the super hero movie game with his Batman trilogy. This looks like the gritty, dirty movie that the Suicide Squad deserves. And Will Smith as Dead Shot? Sign me up for a Halloween costume laster this year.



Average New Year Resolutions – 2016 Edition

Last year we debuted our new year resolutions blog and right now, in 2016, we are back with the second installment. Without further adieu, here is our update from last year’s resolutions and our new ones for 2016.


2015 Resolution: Do more cartwheels

2016 Resolution: Watch more movies starring Nick Cage

nick cage

2015 was the year of the cartwheel. I did cartwheels wherever I could (including someplaces I shouldn’t have) and whenever I wanted (most of the time I was a wee bit [blackout] drunk). I feel good about my cartwheeling shenanigans from 2015 so much that I am ready to move on to an even more important resolution, watch more Nick Cage.

Why, you ask? It’s simple. Say you’re in the mood to watch a movie, but you’re not sure which genre you’re feeling. We’ve all been there, a Netflix library full of flicks and nothing to watch. Ah, but there’s a solution. That solution is Nick Cage’s IMDB page. There you can find the movie that you so crave. Feeling the need for speed? Check out Gone in Sixty Seconds. Is a RomCom more your speed? Check out The Family Man. Feeling up for an adventure? The National Treasure movies or The Rock is sure to calm that twitch in your neck.


2015 Resolution: Drink more pickle juice

2016 Resolution: Hold more babies

woman_holding_kid copy

“Every different nation, Spanish, Hatian, Indian, Jamaican, Black, White, Cuban, and Asian.” Yes, those are the lyrics to ‘Miami’ by Will Smith and yes, that is my New Years Resolution. I don’t care what color or race a baby is, I want to hold it in 2016. I recently became an uncle, and the pure joy that babies bring to every environment is unrivaled. Unless you’re sitting next to a random crying one on a plane, babies kind of rule. They exhibit all the signs of adult drunkenness but don’t deal with any of the  consequences. Stand up and immediately fall down? Cute baby. Throw shit around the house? Cute baby. Poop your pants. Cute. Baby. They’re living the dream, and I want a little bit of that sunshine in my life as much as possible this year. I believe my mentor Michael Scott put it best:


P.S. I wanted the Michael Scott clip where he talks about a baby being President but the internet is a cruel woman sometimes.

Trailer Alert: Concussion

The first full length trailer for ‘Concussion’ is here, and I gotta say, this looks awesome. Will Smith is the lead, and it’s nice to see him back doing some solid drama work. The guy is just so talented, and when he really sinks his teeth into a role, which it looks like he has here, he’s almost unmatched. Of course the plot of this movie is the real story, as is the real life correlation between brain injuries and the NFL. There are already reports of the NFL going into ‘damage control’ mode, and you can see why. As much as I love football, it’s leadership has been questionable at best for a long time, and it’s clear that the people in power care more about profit than the well being of the individuals that make them that same money. The optimistic side of this is that the movie reignites the concussion discussion in football and sparks some real change, but as long as Roger Goodell is in charge, I doubt much will change. From a movie standpoint, Concussion joins The Revenant and Hateful Eight (both limited releases) as Christmas Day debuts. That’s a murderous lineup.


‘Bad Boys 3’ Might Be A Thing That’s Happening Soon

BB3Sony Pictures has been building up its franchises quickly, and now I’m hearing that Bad Boys 3 is looking like a strong possibility to get going. Safe House scribe David Guggenheim wrote a strong draft that now has Joe Carnahan in early talks to do a quick pass to possibly direct. I’m hearing this is all moving quickly as the studio wants to have the movie for Will Smith to consider as his next slot after Suicide Squad. Smith starred in the first two high-action films with Martin Lawrence in 1995 and 2003. which Michael Bay directed. Carnahan certainly has that combustible style that goes with the franchise. He most recently directed the superb thriller The Grey. Stay tuned.

awesome animated GIF

I’m a lot biased because Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 are two of my favorite movies (and I really wanted to do use this GIF again), but this is wonderfully fantastic news. Will Smith needs a big time movie and if Martin Lawrence is still alive we can throw him back in here too. The only misleading thing about this article is that they describe The Grey as a ‘superb thriller’. If I wanted to see Liam Neeson get eaten by wolves I’d create my own Broadway play titled ‘Liam Neeson Gets Eaten By Wolves’. Other than that, I hope this is true, and I hope Will Smith makes a gigantic comeback with possibly this and ‘Suicide Squad’. The world is a better place when Will Smith is in in good movies.

– Ryan

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